Apple CEO quite calm.

Apple CEO Tim cook commented on the current downturn of the company in an interview on CNBC. According to cook, Apple is not surprised and not upset about the stock drop after the recent news about low sales of the iPhone for the reason of giving much greater attention to the long term.

Cook said that the market is always quite emotional in the short term and sharply responds to any changes. However, Apple is betting on the future, not forgetting to follow real, said the head of Apple.

Cook also said that the long-term prospects of the Apple ecosystem and product line today are the strongest in the history of the company. He singled out the services Apple, who every month bring the company more money and get a solid influx of users.

In an interview cook said that investors may be underestimating the innovation culture of Apple and how the company’s customers are happy to use established ecosystem. But everything happens only now and in the future Apple looks with a solid confidence in success.

Source: CNBC.


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