Tim cook strongly against racists on platforms AppleТим cook received an honorary award for “Courage against hate” by the human rights organization anti-defamation League for their attitude to the organization of Apple products. He used his time on stage to talk about the company’s commitment to preventing the spread of hatred.

We have only one message for those who are trying to push the hatred, the separation of views or violence: you have no place on our platforms. You have no home here.

From the earliest days to the Apple iTunes Music we’ve always banned music with the history of white supremacy. Why? Because it is right.

In particular, this applies to the app Infowars Alex Jones, which was blocked in the App Store in the beginning of the year. After that, all content Jones has been removed from other platforms including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

A large part of cook’s speech was concentrated on the moral principles that governs the Apple. He repeatedly said that although Apple is a technology company, the head of the company realizes that its mission goes far beyond the development of hardware.

Cook is confident that “the future must belong to those who see technology as a way to create a more open and hopeful world.”

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