Night first Aug 2018 released a new public beta versions of operating systems Apple. Tim cook has calculated how many people are helping the Microsoft products to get better.

Apple releases beta iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS both for developers and for regular users. In the public program testing can participate anyone.

According to the head of Apple, this year in beta testing all the operating systems of the company attended more than four million people. Most likely, the beta version of iOS installed most of them. But Tim cook did not specify what percentage of each platform.

“In June we held a hugely successful conference for developers, where it was announced a major innovation this fall for our four operating systems: iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. The reaction of the customers and developers was very positive. We have over four million users involved in the beta testing of our new programs,” — said the head of Apple.

For the first time Apple has launched a program of public beta testing for iOS in 2015, to improve the detection of errors. Four million members, no doubt, testify to the success of this event and reflects the high interest of users to the products of the Corporation.


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