“News of the week” has already talked about that President, trump introduced by decree a state of emergency in the United States because of the threat of Chinese penetration of digital technologies and Chinese equipment new communication systems 5G. As a result, the U.S. Department of Commerce has made Chinese digital giant Huawei and its 70 subsidiaries in the black list. Followed by a sequel.

The American company Google refused to cooperate with Huawei and announced that from now on, Huawei is deprived of the right to install the mobile operating system Android property Google. Also Huawei can’t sell smartphones with pre-installed Google Рlay where 2.5 million applications, including mail, maps, YouTube, and other services for all occasions.

In addition, several American manufacturers — suppliers of electronic chips for smartphones Huawei announced the termination of cooperation with the Chinese. This, for example, Intell and Qualcomm. Another American company, Microsoft has removed from its online stores laptops Huawei Windows operating system.

Commercial companies, be it Google, Intell or Microsoft, it is not profitable — the loss of a giant market. After all, Huawei is the fastest growing company in the world, and sales of smartphones surpassed ay-backgrounds from Apple and is already on the heels of the leader, Korea’s Samsung. But orders are orders, and the will of the President of the United States has to fulfill.

However, later the Ministry of Commerce announced the postponement of all restrictions Huawei to 19 August. But fundamentally nothing changes. Three months later, in the minds of Americans, smartphones from Huawei without operating system updates should start to turn into “bricks”. That is, until is a respite, a time for negotiations and search for solutions, whether jointly or individually.

In any case, the incident gives all clear that Americans can disable their systems and technologies at the whim of anyone, whether companies or even countries. What does it mean? And the fact that now in the world — only two mobile operating systems are i-OS for the iPhone and Apple and Android for all other smart phones. Both systems are American. That is, when the desire of the United States, figuratively speaking, can “redeem” all mobile communications on the planet.

Because the United States is capricious, unpredictable and self-centered, humanity — it’s time to get rid of illusions and to deal with security issues. Because now as it turns out, even the EU doesn’t have its mobile operating system, its search engine, your email application, your instant messenger and your social networks only in the Bud. All — American, including software for the us weapons that the arsenals of NATO.

Russia in contrast to Europe — where in a better position. Everything we have listed from what Europe does not have, we have, including your already developed mobile operating system “Aurora”. Smartphones with it already exist, and provided them initially will be the security forces and civil servants, the conversations which need to be protected. And then, as it was with the map “the World”, is a domestic novelty will go to the people.

We are also more disconnected from Visa and MasterCard, now is the reliability of the national payment system card “the World”. Recently it was heard loud laughter weblog about launched in April of the law on “sovereign” Internet. Now, against the background of the story with Huawei, it became clear that it was a visionary step. Because the Internet is an American invention, and all base keys from the Network, hence in the United States.

If quite simple, if, for example, the bathroom light switch outside that you can someone off or accidentally, either as a joke or to annoy, and you will scream inside: “Hey, the light is turn on!” But if you have a key inside, you walked in, turned on the light and quietly go about their business — nobody bothers you. So now, by adopting the law on independent Internet, Russia, figuratively speaking, carries all sorts of switches to his inside to anybody outside clicked on them and to not need to shout, “Hey, over there, turn on!”

So if America wants at one point to turn off the Internet, I hope Russia will have time to prepare ourselves to the Network we worked steadily. Europe, by the way, this problem for myself yet did not put. But, admittedly, in the case of information security the Europeans are on our tracks, largely copying the Russian law. For example, in Germany and Britain after Russia are analogues of our Roskomnadzor to control harmful content on the Internet.

As for herself, Huawei as a high-tech Chinese company with no U.S. Android is not lost. Back in March announced that Huawei already has its own operating system in case of deterioration of relations with the United States. It is now being tested in the near future will replace Android.

Solved problem with Google apps Рlay. There are analogues, and they can be quickly developed. As for the American electronic chips, Huawei has always maintained a policy of “1+1”, that is, one purchased in the U.S. the chip was added, its made in China. So chips won’t be a problem.

And what is the result? Trump has provided America a disservice. Not only that United States companies lose huge markets now and in the future their position will weaken due to the fact that the world started the process, I would say, strengthen the protection of technological sovereignty. This before Android could be perceived as the common sun, to which all have equal rights and they can use it without restrictions. After the sun someone America has decided to “turn off” and others will think what account they are in the queue. This means that the US will lose its current monopoly, and the influence of America on the world will inevitably shrink, with all the attendant for her financial losses.

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