The owner of the service center Mac Fuck for the repair of equipment Apple, said that he had an account in “Tinkoff Bank”, which is “two years ago” was closed as unnecessary.

Recently he opened a new account, and found that it can be used by former employees who had access to the old account, but no longer work in the company.

We had a Bank account Tinkoff, but two years ago we closed it as unnecessary, and the other day I opened a new one. Re-filled out all the paperwork. And in the end all the employees who had had access to the application THIS ACCESS REMAINS even THOUGH THEY NO LONGER WORK for US!

— Super Technical Autistic FuckMac (@wwwfuckmacru) 11 March 2019

The entrepreneur said that former employees can go to the app Bank, old password and conduct transactions on the account. He stressed that the password for the new account was re-created.

In “Tinkoff Bank” Rusbase said that it was an isolated glitch that did not affect other users.

“All accesses to ex-employees of the company were promptly disabled. The failure was a one-off, other customers to deal with such a situation could not. We will contact the author and offer him compensation as an apology for technical problems”, — said the press service of the Bank.

Fuck the owner of Mac confirmed that the Bank has already appealed to him. As compensation the owner received a year of free service.


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