Recently Apple has published specific recommendations that will help to preserve the appearance of the physical card Apple Card. Cupertinos warn that in order to avoid different scuffs or dark spots on the surface of the card, its impossible to keep in a purse made of leather or denim.

According to the recommendations, the better card to keep in your purse, pocket, or bag, made of soft materials. The company Card must not touch other cards — this can lead to scratching.

To eliminate stains and dirt from the surface of the titanium Card, Apple need only a soft, damp microfiber cloth. This is not to use household cleaners, different types of solvents and aerosols. All this may adversely affect the coverage of the map.

It is noteworthy that these recommendations, Apple released not just. Judging by the reviews of the first users of Apple’s maps, covering the Apple Card is really very easy to damage. For example, a former employee of Apple said that in just two months his card was covered with a large number of scratches and marks.


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