Powerful discount on the iPhone X.

On the site AliExpress Tmall is selling the “Winter liquidation”, in which particularly much cheaper , the iPhone X. the Anniversary of Apple’s smartphone is sold at a minimum for the Russian market price, which is much lower than the leading retailers.

After the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone jubilee iPhone X ceased to officially produced and sold by Apple. However, retailers remained large stocks of the smartphone, which are actively sold. iPhone X depreciates reluctantly discounts from time to time appear.

The last of the most notable discounts noted Tmall. Price iPhone X in online store fell to 59 992 roubles. For comparison, all the official Resellers in Russia sell a smartphone for 65 990 rubles, 6 thousand rubles more.

At the same time in Tmall sold the official version iPhone X designed specifically for the Russian market. The RST version of this smartphone has a full warranty in Russia, in connection with the service of Apple buyers just will not have any problems.

It should be noted that the iPhone X on Tmall gained a lot of popularity in early 2019. The number of orders has increased dramatically, which confirms not only the statistics, but the number of reviews about the smartphone. By the way, the vast majority of reviews about the iPhone X is positive.


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