Channels corresponding to the media-holding “Gazprom-media”, “national media group” and “channel”, removed its broadcast from the search results “Yandex”. They accuse the search engine of piracy.

“Gazprom-media” has suspended broadcasting in late July 2018 and “the First channel” and the NMG in August, with the condition to restore the partnership, if “Yandex” will be removed from the search results pirate version.

Now “Yandex” broadcasts its own channels – “Comedy” and “Cartoons”, as well as the transfer of other partners.

This is what has informed a press-services media holdings, which ceased to cooperate with the service:

“The situation in which broadcasters hyping the media services of “Yandex” by providing content, but turning a blind eye to piracy in search results, is destructive to the media industry. Revenues from broadcasts is negligible compared to the hundreds of millions of rubles of annual losses associated with the spread of pirated content broadcasters,” said Alexey Urazov, a representative of the NMG.

Search results “Yandex.Video” contains numerous references to the pirate inventory, hosting the projects of TV channels of holding. We have repeatedly appealed to “Yandex” with a request to block the content search results in accordance with the principles of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, copyright law in the digital era USA), but to no avail,” – said Maria Gromova from “Gazprom-media”.

The newspaper “Kommersant” says that the holding company is concerned about the issue of piracy in connection with the launch of its own online cinema TNT-Premier. This service will broadcast the content of the channels TNT, TV-3, ТНТ4, 2×2 and Super.

In “Yandex” reported that earlier about the problem of piracy in the official letters is not mentioned.


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