Japanese resource Macotakara, citing informed sources reported until recently unknown features, which will appear in the new generation of Apple smartphones. According to the journalists, the iPhone 11 will be able to stream music from two different Bluetooth devices.

It should be noted that to connect multiple wireless devices to one iPhone today. But the sound can only be played on one of them. According to sources, the cupertinos are ready to change the situation.

The authors Macotakara noted that applications of the new function, you can find quite a lot. For example, to use two pairs of AirPods or to simultaneously connect your smartphone to the car audio system and headphones.

Apple will not be the first to implement such a mechanism in their smart phones. The ability to output audio to two devices at the same time have previously appeared in some latest Android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S10. However, users note that the manufacturers failed to establish this functionality, which leads to some problems with the syncing of devices.


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