The Supreme court of the Cayman Islands, where the Yota was recognized head structure smartphone manufacturer Yota Devices is bankrupt. The claim about bankruptcy Yota filed by the Singapore company Hi-P Electronics, which had previously supplied displays for the first smartphones of the brand Yota Phone. The reason for going to court was the duty Yota provider in the amount of $ 1 million.

The first version of the YotaPhone, the Russian telecommunications company Scartel, which operates under the Yota brand, has introduced nine years ago. In 2013, for the production of smartphones was highlighted by a special company Yota Devices. Three years later she moved under the control of the Chinese investor.

YotaPhone is the first phone with two screens. Why Russian smartphone did not meet expectations? This question Business FM discussed with leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. Talked to Sergey Bobrik.

— The main problem Yota Devices YotaPhone and the first and second generation was that it was a device unique, expensive, and improper target audience, as a consequence, had to reduce prices below cost, sell them at disadvantage, economically and led to the bankruptcy of the company, and it de facto took place much earlier than filled out those forms, the second generation of YotaPhone phone has shown that it is unsustainable. Nevertheless, it was a Russian product with a modern twist in this sense, that is, it was developed by the Russian company, the Russian engineers. The fact that it was made in Singapore, did not affect him negatively he was perceived as Russian development.

— Who bought the YotaPhone?

YotaPhone the first generation was in some way a political project, many officials acquired him, many officials gave these phones, it was the first and primary audience. The second audience is geeks, those who are called enthusiasts for technology, they were paying about the same amount. But if we are talking about a mass audience, the buyer just didn’t understand why he has to pay the cost of the flagship Samsung or Apple for an unknown product. As a result, this product simply did not go to the mass market.

Say, YotaPhone 3 book in China, and in Russia it is not sold. Turns out, it has some independent Chinese development?

— Yota Devices has sold its stake in the company in fact, the Chinese Fund, it happened already during the YotaPhone 3, this smartphone in Russia does not even appear. In General, the story of Yota Devices Russian company de facto ended. What we see now is the long tail: the legal dissolution of a company, liabilities and so on. But if you talk about how it stopped when the story of Yota Devices, it is stopped at the moment when faced YotaPhone 2.

— A Chinese company will continue to produce and just change the brand?

— The Chinese company, the China Fund sold the YotaPhone YotaPhone 3 is like in China. Sales were very low. The future of this project no, because there are competing products from different Chinese companies is also unpopular. On this basis, to create such a device today just crazy, they still will not sell. To shake the market failed.

Users ‘ opinions about YotaPhone mixed, from “great phone” to “worse”. There are reviews that he “is buggy, expensive and bulky”, and for some, it “chic and budget phone”. There are quite an unusual opinion: “If not to call, that’s fine”.

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