Website for job search Glassgoor published a list of 15 companies from around the world, which do not have a diploma of higher education.

Usually, to get a good job, you need to study at a particular University at least four years. But Apple takes a less formal approach to recruitment of applicants and hires people without higher education for a variety of positions, not only as sellers in the Apple Store.

The main criteria for making a hiring decision yavlyutsya experience and skills of the potential employee. If to consider a casual vacancy on the Apple website, for example, an iOS developer for Apple Music, the list of requirements will be listed: “bachelor or master degree in electronic or computer engineering and technology or equivalent work experience.”

In other words, if the candidate is able to cope with work tasks, Apple still exactly where he acquired skills in the workplace or in higher education.

Perhaps the Corporation does not have strict requirements to the formation, because its founders could not boast of a University degree. Steve jobs never finished College, and Steve Wozniak received a degree in robotics for almost a decade after the founding of Apple.

Similar policies adopted by other technologically large companies such as IBM and Google.

In 2017, Laszlo Bock, who was at that time senior Vice President of human resources policy of Google, said in an interview with New York Times:

“The average score of diploma is not suitable as a criterion for hiring, and test results are useless. We have seen that they don’t tell you anything.

For each job, first and foremost, we look for General cognitive ability, and it is not IQ. Is the ability to learn, grasp information on the fly and combine the disparate pieces of information.”


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