At the moment, many believe that tomorrow Apple will unveil two of its new service service with videos and updated news service. However, Bloomberg believes that this list is somewhat broader. It is possible that the cupertinos will also show service games by subscription.

In the past Bloomberg has already reported that Apple is discussing with major developers and publishers of mobile games a service. In January, the sources said that the Cupertino want to create an analogue of Netflix, only for games. With this proposal, the cupertinos have appealed to the publishers and developers of mobile games. Moreover, the emphasis was primarily on the Studio that produced the paid projects.

According to reports, the new service Apple will collect a lot of quality and most importantly paid games, and users in turn will be able to access this library by subscription.

The subscription price is still unknown. However, sources are confident that the Commission for publishers and developers will be based on the time users spent in a particular game.


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