Tomorrow Apple will unveil a 16-inch MacBook Pro Expected, new MacBook Pro will cost $2 399 (same cost 15-inch model).

According to Gourmet, the new product will replace the classic 15-inch MacBook Pro range of Apple laptops. That is why devices are the same price.

He said: “I think people were expecting that it will surpass existing premium products, but no.” That means we will be able to find out tomorrow.

Also, the new MacBook Pro received a new keyboard, more reliable keyboard. Previously, the company released a keyboard with the butterfly mechanism, which brought problems to the users. This keyboard has spoiled the reputation of the line of laptops Apple because you got stuck and sticky keys.

Another source reported that in December will be released high-performance Mac Pro. Most likely, he will be the last of the presents in 2019 devices from Apple.

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