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On 10 and 11 November on AliExpress and Tmall will be the most powerful sale, timed to the world day of shopping. As part of the sale will drop hundreds of thousands of products, for example, the best gadgets Xiaomi, which we described earlier. In this selection we have collected the best external battery that much cheaper just a few days. Choose!

Romoss Sense 4P (10400 mAh)

Price: 728 rubles.

Reliable external battery with a capacity of 10000 mAh, protection against overheating and overcharging, as well as an intelligent system determine the required voltage that allows to charge it by using smart watches and fitness bracelets. The battery case digital display showing the current state of charge — very convenient. Given the price and the delivery of powerbank from Russia, it is definitely one of the best batteries to buy on sale.

Romoss Sense 6P (20000 mAh)

Price: 1 189 rubles.

Similar to the previous model but with capacity of as many as 20000 mAh! Yes, the battery is slightly thicker, however, for such capacity it is quite forgivable.

2I Xiaomi Power Bank (10000 mAh)

Price: 1 158 rubles.

Of course, this collection could not do without an external battery Xiaomi, which are extremely popular. Model 2I has a durable aluminum body, dual USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices and support bi-directional fast charging. Powerbank available from the original external battery Xiaomi silver color, but in the original dark blue.

ROCK Slim (10000 mAh)

Price: 953 of the ruble.

ROCK along with Romoss and Xiaomi is a leading manufacturer of external batteries, which is familiar to anyone who has ever seriously approached the choice of powerbank. One of the most popular models of external batteries ROCK Slim has a capacity of 10000 mAh, dual USB ports for charging devices and a separate USB type-C to charge.

Odin ROCK (10000 mAh)

Price: 1 085 roubles.

Ultrathin external battery Rock Odin rightfully gets great reviews from buyers. The model has a capacity of 10000 mAh, two ports for charging mobile devices, but a weight of only 230 g. in addition, buyers are extremely pleased with the appearance of the device — it differs from most other models.

ORICO (2000 mAh)

Price: 312 roubles.

If you are looking for a compact and affordable solution, probably the best choice on sale becomes that such a capsule. The capacity of this miniature powerbank only 2000 mAh, but it just did enough to recharge a smartphone up to a comfortable charge during the day. A great choice for those who have to think about charging every day.

Emie (20000 mAh)

Price: 708 rubles.

Another very stylish external battery pack. Its capacity is more than impressive 20000 mAh. Enough to a week to charge your smartphone every day. On the body of powerbank there is an indicator, which informs about the current battery level.

Ugreen 10000 (10000 mAh)

Price: 1 263 ruble.

Very cool external battery from Ugreen. Right into the body of powerbank integrated USB cable, which allows you to charge devices that support fast charging. But other smartphones the battery does not “forget” — a normal USB-A connector will give the ability to simultaneously charge any mobile device.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C (20000 mAh).

Price: 594 1 ruble.

For fans of Xiaomi have another external battery pack — Mi Power Bank 2C. It has an elongated body in the traditional Xiaomi minimalist design, two USB ports, support fast charging and most importantly — capacity 20000 mAh!

Yoobao Cute (10000 mAh)

Price: 904 ruble.

One of the nicest external battery we’ve ever seen. The model is perfect for girls who don’t want to powerbank looked sad and ordinary. The capacity of this model is 10,000 mAh, enough to charge an average smartphone 3-4 full times.


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