A new day, a new selection!

Another portion of the findings from AliExpress that do not fit in our collections. In this issue: useful smart gadgets from Xiaomi and not only, the most comfortable bed for the cat and more.

Does not display the prices and links? This is a known bug. It manifests itself in some browsers, and AliExpress does not want to eliminate it. If you do so, just open the page in another browser.

1. “Smart” socket

Price: 810 roubles (discount 21%).

Proven “smart” socket that can be controlled directly from your smartphone. A special application allows you to control connected devices even when you are away from home.

2. Toy gun with bullets

Price: 503 ruble.

Bright and quality made toy gun with pellets. It shoots fairly powerful, but doesn’t hurt — after all it is a toy for children. A great gift for a child.

3. Glasses in retro style

Price: 217 rubles (discount 35%).

Unisex round glasses retro style. Rapidly gaining popularity on AliExpress in early 2019.

4. Lights for the toilet 2.0

Price: 213 rubles (discount 26%).

The updated model of backlight for the toilet. It shines a large number of colors, the light is softer, and the motion sensor works much more accurately than the first model. Traditional hit AliExpress, largely because of its affordable prices and originality.

5. Stylish bamboo soap dish

Price: 255 roubles (20% discount).

Soap dish made of bamboo Japanese style. Will be a great accessory for bathroom, but also its main purpose will perform on solid five points.

6. The bed for the cat

Price: 1265 rubles (20% discount).

Nice bed for the cat in the shape of oysters. Satisfied customers note that the bed is very much like their Pets.

7. Electric brush for the face of Xiaomi

Price: 1200 rubles (discount 11%).

Unusual gadget for health from Xiaomi. This electric brush for cleaning face. Allows you to get rid of pimples, black spots and other defects on the face. It works very effectively.

8. Convenient grater

Price: 432 of the ruble (40% discount).

Original grater e.g. for cheese. Allows very simple and does not provide discomfort movements to RUB the right product. During the process of float answer at once two sharp knives.

9. Smart soap dispensers Xiaomi

Price: 1390 roubles.

And another smart device from Xiaomi. This liquid soap dispenser with motion sensor. All you need to do in order to receive a portion of liquid soap — put your hand in the dispenser. The process of using the dispenser looks very impressive.

10. Thermos mug

Price: 876 roubles (discount 49%).

High quality mug-thermos every day. It has a stylish design, but most importantly it keeps the beverage hot for many hours.


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