Moscow, may 29 — “News. Economy.” Experts The New York Times published an annual ranking of the highest paid CEOS in the world.

Typically, executives receive almost twice and even three times more than ordinary employees. However, the figures that were published in the report, the imagination.

Below I will discuss 10 of the highest paid managers in 2018. 1. Elon Musk

Company: Tesla

Compensation per year: $2 284 million
The founder of Tesla Elon Musk in 2018 became the highest-paid CEO of a large company in the United States. Last year he earned almost $2.3 billion

According to the publication, the compensation Mask for the year increased by 45 753 times — it’s more of his compensation in 2017. Then the businessman got from Tesla about $50,000 and were not included among the 200 highest-paid executives.

Experts note that while the $2.3 billion the Mask do not belong. This figure was formed from the former options, and 10-year optional package approved by the shareholders, but is tied to the performance of the Tesla. Actually the owner’s salary, which is about 20% in Tesla, differs little from the average for the company.

2. David Zaslav


Company: Discovery

Compensation per year: $129 million
Under his leadership, Discovery, in 2008, became a public company by offering shares on the stock exchange.

The main success of the 55-year-old Zaslav is the opening in 2010 of the channel The Hub with programs for children and family viewing.

This channel increased 60 million viewers and became one of the most popular on the market. 3. Nikesh Arora

Company: Palo Alto Networks

Compensation per year: $125 million
Nikesh Arora received a master of science degree and a diploma of certified financial analyst CFA from Boston College and a master’s degree in business from northeastern University, all with honors.

He taught at Boston College and northeastern University, was developing and teaching courses on business cycles, corporate training and financial management. 4. Mark Hurd

Company: Oracle

Compensation per year: $108 million
Mark Hurd, co — Director (along with Safra Katz) and a member of the Board of Directors of Oracle Corporation, 2005-2010 — member of the Board of Directors, CEO and President of Hewlett-Packard company.

In September 2010, mark Hurd was adopted by the Board of Directors of Oracle and appointed a co-President of this company (along with Safra Katz), reporting directly to Larry Ellison. 5. Safra Katz

Company: Oracle

Compensation per year: $108 million
Safra Catz is an American Manager, member of the Board directorby from September 2014, General Director of Oracle Corporation (is co-CEO of Oracle with mark Gerdom).

In 1999 he moved to Oracle, where since October 2001 he is a member of the Board of Directors, and since January 2004 — President.

Also served as chief financial officer of Oracle, during the period from November 2005 to September 2008. In may 2008, continuing to work in Oracle, became the administrative Director of HSBC.

Since September 2014, after the departure of Larry Ellison from the post of General Director of Oracle Corporation, Safra Catz was appointed as General Director of Oracle Corporation, is co-Director of the company with mark Gerdom.

Accountable to the heads of manufacturing, financial and legal departments of the company Oracle. 6. John Ledger

Company: T-Mobile US
Compensation per year: $67 million
John Ledger is headed by the American company T-Mobile. During the year he earned 67 million dollars.

Compared to the previous year, his compensation increased by 182%. In 2017, he also received a lot of money — $ 24 million. 7. Robert Iger

Company: Walt Disney

Compensation per year: $66 million
Robert iger is an American businessman, President and CEO of the Walt Disney company.

As President, iger focused on the development of the entertainment segment of the company, international expansion, and innovation.

Also in 2006, when it was disney acquired Pixar. Since 2011 is a member of the Board of Directors of Apple. 8. James Heppelmann


Company: PTC
Compensation per year: $50 million
James Heppelmann Executive officer (CEO) of PTC, effective October 1, 2010.

Before he was elected to this position, he held the position of Vice President, Director of products, etc.

In the it industry he works since 1985. Before moving to PTC, he was co-founder and technical officer of Windchill, which was acquired by RTS in 1998.

Has a bachelors degree from the University of Minnesota on mechanics and computer design. 9. Fabrizio Freda

Company: Estee Lauder

Compensation per year: $48 million
American company Estee Lauder today occupies the fifth place among the largest cosmetic companies in the world, and its products are sold in more than 130 countries under such brands as La Mer, Bobbi Brown, jane, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Jo Malone, Aveda, Stila, Kate Spade Beauty, Estee Lauder, Aramis, Clinique and others.

A company CEO is Fabrizio Freda. The company’s profit per year is estimated at more than $ 220 million. 10. Vivek Shah
Company: J2 Global

Compensation per year: $45 million
Executive Director of J2 Global Vivek Shah closes the top ten most highly paid CEOS 2018.

Last year he earned $ 45 million, while in 2017 it is generally not included in the rating.

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