Moscow, April 10 — “to Lead. Economy.” Public opinion plays a very important role in business. In today’s world the opinion of the customers is spreading at an incredible speed, thanks to the Internet and new technologies.

Often negative feedback has time to spread around the world before PR Department would react to it.

Below we will discuss 10 most hated brands in the world. Apple

Product sales keep on diehard fans of the company who have great contempt for those who have no such products. In the network there are constant battles between iPhone and Android, Mac and PC, iPad and others.

Users criticize Apple for the fact that it is impossible to remove, in their view, part of the unnecessary apps.

If not time to update the firmware, some apps refuse to work. There were times when the firmware update expensive equipment cannot be used.

Phone or tablet just would not turn on, and data was missing. When you install an alternative browser it is impossible to make the main default. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular Internet sites in the world users characterize in the style of “from love to hate one step.” Registered on the site even parents.

Fans of the service advocate for open and easy communication. Opponents, on the contrary, they say that they lose privacy, life is not always appropriate discussions of their actions.

They think that Facebook monitors them and asks them to do things and they wanted only in the most secret dreams. While privacy settings are deeply hidden in the menu, and not every user is able to deal with them.

Opponents of social networking say that Facebook is changing human communication with all feelings and emotions for a soulless husky and strange content comments.

It can be assumed that the social network has outgrown itself and need a major change in the work. Some Internet analysts believe that if no changes occur, the users will begin a mass Exodus of Starbucks

Surprisingly, the coffee chain Starbucks is still there! Why the idea to sell coffee for $5 looks so out of place even now? Why the same coffee in other places is two and more times cheaper?

However, Starbucks finds ways for development. In the US there are places where Starbucks coffee shops are located in visual proximity to each other or even across the street.

Is big business and large network sellers of goods and services is always pushed out of the market a distinctive and lovely institution, lowering costs and increasing profit per employee.

Even other market participants, such as McDonald’s, can’t compete, because, in order to create a better coffee than Starbucks, you need a large costs at the initial stage. Sony

In 2014, there was a scandal with hacker attack on Sony. The essence of the scandal was the fact that the film company made the film, the plot of which was the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

Like the company’s attitude to the leader of the country has caused resentment among the majority of North Koreans.

As a result of planned attack had paralyzed the company, and the network got the data of official correspondence with the data about salaries and bonuses.

Some of the message was offensive against the stars.

Because conducted a hacker attack some cinemas refused to rent the movie. RyanAir

The passenger always have a choice — to buy a ticket for a flight on a regular airline, to save money and get a ticket on RyanAir.

However, RyanAir hate everything and most of all. Airlines believe that RyanAir is providing inappropriate services and refers to the passengers as firewood.

And passengers can not understand, what will be the final cost of the ticket.

Tariff system RyanAir is different because on different flights for all the services you need to pay separately and not always the same amount of money. Nestle

For most people, the birth of a child is the most happy and joyful time in life. But sometimes it so happens that the young mother has no milk and lactation does not occur.

Breast milk is unique and at different stages of lactation has a unique composition and corresponds to the food requirements of a child during breastfeeding, and also functions in immune defense and regulation of the child’s growth.

Nestle company about 50 years has been the development of artificial of breast milk.

The world health organization regularly publishes reports on this topic. The reports suggest that in the 70s was seen rising child mortality rates in third world countries.

Experts UNIСEF came to the conclusion that the reason for that was the low level of literacy (most users couldn’t read the instructions in English), lack of training programs, lack of clean water and bottles.

It turned out that the cost to the public power supply was excessively high and it was diluted with water to a useless level.

As a result of the boycott was announced. This story is not unique for General Motors

2014 was not successful for American car giant General Motors. The company recalled almost 3 million cars due to a defect in the ignition system of the engine and failure of the airbags. Experts believe that these defects resulted in 42 deaths.

The company was forced to create mnogootraslevoy a Fund to pay victims compensation.

The worst thing about this situation is that a number of senior employees of the company knew about the problems and did nothing to resolve them. They did not prevent the death of innocent people.

Company to 2008 for 77 years, was the largest American car manufacturer. Production is established in 35 countries and sales in 192 countries. According to the results of 2014, it ranked third in sales in the world after Toyota and Volkswagen. McDonald’s
McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chains in the world. The company operates under the slogan “I love” (I’m Lovin’ It!).

Everything seemed to be okay, but… first, we all know that fast food chains are not healthy for the consumer.

Second, many food network in the United States pay more money than at McDonald’s. Thirdly, due to the insane size of the network, the company is considered a leader in the field.

Despite these factors, the company continues to thrive, that makes us think. Wal-Mart

Another case when a large number of people claim that they hate from one year to another retail giant — Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the same giant as McDonald’s.

Like McDonald’s, Wal-Mart is hated for what it is big. When it comes to the city, the old shopping street to die. All trading life is transferred to this giant hypermarket. The cost of other commercial real estate in falls city, small towns wither.

Small business fades. Wal-Mart, like McDonald’s, pays a minimal fee to their employees. Large companies are easier to prevent unfortunate gaffes, such as the network Target, which leaked half of the personal data of its customers and their purchases. Monsanto

This company I hate the most. Transnational Corporation Monsanto — the leader in production and sales of seeds of transgenic crops. In the US, Monsanto controls 80% of the market of genetically modified maize and 93% of the market of transgenic soybeans. The company conducts an active promotion in the segment of conventional crops. According to some estimates, the share of Monsanto accounts for about 40% of the market of seeds of traditional crops in the U.S. and 20% worldwide.

Leadership Monsanto not only in biotechnology, but in the “dislike”, which the company and its operations cause the ordinary people, as evidenced by the polls.

However, amid public outcry, the development of biotechnologies and their application in the area of food will continue. The global market for transgenic crops is growing, and in this respect, Monsanto with its gene innovation can be seen as a tool for solving various problems, including global character.

The pursuit of profit maximization and dexterity of the leadership and lobbyists of Monsanto and other major companies (DuPont, Syngenta and others) has led to a sharp increase in the cost in the seed market. According to experts of the Center of food security of the United States (Center for Food Safety), in the period 1995-2011, the average cost of planting one acre of soybeans in the U.S. increased by 325%. The cost of cotton has jumped by 516%, corn has become more expensive to grow 259%.

Monsanto Corporation has a long experience in the manufacture and supply of substances that cause mutations in humans. According to the company, in the period 1965-1969. Monsanto was one of the main contractors supplying the U.S. army mixture “Agent orange” (Agent Orange), which the military sprayed over Vietnam.

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