Care plan for skin: FOREO For You
Why: beautiful skin.

Star recommends: Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) — a popular beauty blogger.

App FOREO For You — beauty coach and personal beautician. It is designed specifically for your individual beauty treatments with gadgets FOREO.

The app scans skin condition and tailor a plan of beauty procedures, make care-based Korean masks with smart gadgets UFO or UFO mini.

Before working FOREO For You will be asked to pass a little test to understand the needs of your skin, learn about issues and preferences.

In addition, the program provides personalized tips and recommendations to maintain the health and beauty of skin. Promise that in the near future all the gadgets FOREO will sync with smartphones is a technological and convenient!

The app is available for free for iOS devices or for Android.

Train at home: WELPS!

What: a beautiful figure.

Star recommends: Natalia Davydova (@tetyamotya) — author of fitness programs.

The founder and ideological inspirer of the project #ПрессуйGlamТело Natasha Davydova has released a new fitness app WELPS — the smart app, which will select the ideal exercise program for home and personal nutrition plan.

With WELPS it is possible to trim figure or to achieve specific objectives: to prepare for beach season or fit into a favorite dress. For the quality of training meets the head coach Roman Kislyakou and the diets of Xenia Kiselicova.

The team of experts are always available and ready to answer any questions about how to become the best version of yourself! In order to obtain a training plan, you need to be tested in the application.

The app is available for iOS or for Android.

Monitor health: Withings Health Mate

Why: monitoring good health.

Star recommends: Elliot Burton — star fitness coach.

The first step to a healthy lifestyle — collection of information about our current state. At Health Mate, you can view the entire history of the state of health, including data on physical activity and on phases of sleep. This allows you to monitor changes and to gradually improve their health.

Health Mate step by step leads us to the goal, whether weight reduction, increased physical activity, control of blood pressure or improved sleep quality. Health Mate combines in a single application effective medical advice and motivating training programs.

The app works in tandem with one of the devices Withings: scale, watch, tracker — or (without any special gadgets Withings) can synchronize everything with our phone.

The app is available for iOS or for Android.

Believe calories: FatSecret

Why: weight

Star recommends: Anastasia Reshetova — blogger, public figure.

Calorie counter FatSecret designed to quickly find information on the calorie content of the foods we eat, and track weight and progress from exercise.

The developers FatSecret implemented in its database the energy value of thousands of products that allows you to easily calculate the calorie content of breakfasts, Lunches and dinners. Just select the directory for the dish that you are going to eat, and FatSecret will show how many calories and how useful it is.

The calorie count app features are not limited. There are also tools for keeping a food diary where you can record the amount eaten of the food and upload photos.

In addition to this, you can maintain an activity diary to track not only calories, but also “burned”. Putting your own body at the beginning of the “diet”, it is possible to monitor the weight change by viewing the results in the form of visual graphs and charts. Convenient and informative.

The app is available for iOS or for Android.

Included in the water: “My Water”

What: control of water consumption.

Star recommends: Yuliya Snigir — actress.

The app “My water” — a great helper for those who want to establish the drinking regime. Just calculate the norm for yourself and the app will timely remind you that you need to drink a glass of water. Regular fluid intake will help to increase your productivity, will allow to improve health and vitality.

We already wrote about the fact that if you regularly drink two liters of water a day. This app will become a reliable assistant that turns water consumption habit. The app supports Apple Watch, and also integrated with Apple Health.

The app is available for iOS or for Android.

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