Apple is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, which has its loyal army of fans. Although this year the “Apple” company managed to avoid major scandals, she was more upset than pleased their fans. What events caused the greatest dissatisfaction in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

In many ways, this has contributed to the rumors and numerous plum information, but the annual September presentation Apple this year came out absolutely plain, and did not bring any surprises.

As Business Insider reports, the names, specifications and “features” of the new iPhones was leaked prior to the event and did not cause the usual wow-effect, which has always been famous for the Apple.

It used to be the company, Tim cook was able to skillfully hide the details of presentation and to avoid leaks, every year it gets to do harder and harder.

Presentation not produced the desired effect not only due to the fact that all the bright parts were known in advance. This year, Apple released the iPhone XS, which is almost an exact copy of last year’s iPhone X — differing only in their performance and camera. Such an upgrade has not impressed fans of “Apple”.

Ironically, all the surprises that really surprise users, and become unpleasant. First of all, Apple announced the termination of production of the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE — two “folk” iPhones, which won the love of a ratio of its characteristics and cost.

Another bad news has touched all those who are waiting for wireless charging station AirPower, which was first introduced in 2017. Besides that the presentation of this year it is not even mentioned, Apple has removed all the information about this device from all official web resources.

A new appreciation of Apple gadgets have caused fans of the jitters.

In 2018, the company raised the price of each of their most popular products. The starting price of the base iPhone in 2017 — iPhone 8 — was $699. In September Apple introduced the iPhone XR, which was positioned as the “budget” option. The cost was now $749.

The basic version of Apple Watch this year went up by $70 compared to previous iPad Pro for $150, MacBook Air and Mac Mini — $300.

Note that none of these gadgets did not become something truly groundbreaking and interesting — they are a slightly improved version of previous models, causing the price increase seems unjustified.

When Siri debuted on the iPhone 4S in 2011, it was a real breakthrough. Unfortunately for Apple, since the market for voice assistants has evolved so much that Siri is inferior to many colleagues in the artificial intelligence.

Digital assistants offered by other Silicon valley companies, compatible with more devices than Siri, and also have more features.

This year assistant from Apple and have not received the update, which would help it compete with other voice assistants — Siri for this you need to learn to better understand human speech, be more responsive to commands, and also to help its owner in a more personal manner.

In addition to the new devices, Apple every year publishes an update to its operating system, which is installed on almost all existing iPhone models. This time iOS 12 does not become a revelation for owners of “Apple” — it is very similar to iOS 11.

The most significant update of iOS this year was the grouping of notifications, stacks, and limiting screen time spent in each application. According to experts, such changes not caused any reaction for a simple reason — if before Apple is preparing updates that significantly change the user experience, now the changes have remained almost unnoticed.

We can say that the company has spoiled its fans, which is now difficult to surprise. But, most likely, every year it becomes increasingly difficult to meet their same standards.

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