Where to invest money and how to save them from inflation? These issues are given each thinking about their future employees. Let’s look at what tools we have to manage his personal capital.

In our review we will move from less to more risky instruments.

Let’s start with the most simple, affordable and relatively the least risk tool of the state bonds. Yields on government bonds we will consider in the coordinates of the yield duration. Duration is weighted average maturity in the bonds measured in years. The average yield, which will qualify the investor for Federal loan bonds (OFZ) is 6.5-7% per annum.

Duration, year
Yield, %

0,7 — 2,11
6,57 — of 6.71
A 2.61 — 4,27
6,7 — be-6.83
5,03 — 7,12
6,87 — of 7.02
Between 7.34 10,48
7,11 — 7,28
It should be noted that for individuals coupon payments on government bonds are exempt from tax on income. If you invest through an individual investment account And you can receive a tax deduction. On an investment amount of 400 000 rubles, it will be 52 000, which will increase the profitability of investments in the framework of the agreed amount to 13% per annum. The advantage of the BFL is also a small entry threshold of 1 thousand rubles; it’s quite reliable affordable investment.

If you want to reduce your currency risk and have investments in foreign currency, you can consider it investment as bonds. Here for example I will result the profitability of some issuers: 8,24% — Sovcombank of 4.68% and 6.35% — “Gazprom”, of 7.71% — the port of Novorossiysk, and that in foreign currency. But the threshold for entering the market here anymore. Since the ratings of Eurobonds is around $1000-1200, it is advisable to start with a cash amount of 100 000 rubles.

The next tool investments — corporate bonds. Here higher the risk, higher the yield. And what is especially nice here, too, there are benefits for personal income tax. Personal income tax is not subject to the coupon rate within the “key rate plus 5%.” That is a coupon of 15% per annum will be subject to personal income tax in the following way “of 7.25 + 5% = 12,25% at the tax rate of 0% and 2.75 tax rate of 35%.” The average yield on corporate bonds with a duration of 1.5-2 years is a 6.75-9.25% per annum.

Further, the investment vehicle of the campaign. Today’s feature of the Russian stock market is that the yield on the bond market, almost equal to the yield on the stock market. What does it mean? If the investor simply buys in your portfolio of shares of companies included in the top 20 of the Russian market, and does not use any special strategies, he will get a 6-7% rate of return, like bonds.

The advantage of investing in shares is that this kind of crisis asset for the future in 2-3 years. In the case of market shocks and the devaluation they play their positions for a year and a half. If the investor will use at least a standard strategy with dividend stocks, you can get a yield of 16% and above.

The next tool for Russian investors — American stock, access to which is opened through the St. Petersburg exchange. Here you can invest in Apple, Amazon, etc. and to return on the us stock market. This yield is fully protected from the devaluation of the ruble. But just as with the Eurobonds, is not start trading with 10 thousands of rubles in his pocket. We must start with amount 100, preferably 300 thousand rubles to have at least some opportunity for diversification.

Well, to conclude my review I’m a relatively new tool — the ETF. It is a tool of passive investments: tradable units of a collective investment Fund based on a stock index. Here you have a unique opportunity to earn the average market yield at the highest level of diversification, and even in foreign currency. ETFs are traded both in Moscow and St. Petersburg exchange. On the Moscow stock exchange there are no requirements for those wishing to purchase ETF about the need to be a qualified investor. ETF is a tool that is gaining popularity: now it is 3 percent of the total in the portfolios of investors on the Moscow exchange.

Summarizing all the above: the Russian investor has a fairly ample opportunities to invest funds and to obtain the desired level of profitability. You only need to begin investing. The popularity of independent management of their capital is increasing. This is confirmed by statistics. Recently the number of individual investment accounts on the Moscow stock exchange exceeded one million.

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