Moscow, February 12 — “News. Economy.” In the fourth quarter of 2018 were sold 375.4 million smartphones in the world. This is 4.9% less than in the same period of the previous year.

Overall, sales of smartphones in the world fall for the fifth straight quarter, according to research by International Data Corporation.

On five of the most popular smartphone manufacturers account for 69% of supplies. For comparison, a year earlier the figure was lower at 63%.

Below we will tell you more about them. 5. Xiaomi


Sale: 28.6 million
Market share: 7.6%

Xiaomi Corporation, the Chinese company founded by lei Jun in 2010, 2018, is public.

The company’s main activity is the production of smartphones.

There are models in different price categories — from budgetary decisions to the leaders.

25 Oct 2018 Xiaomi announced its first smartphone-the Mi 3 Mix slider with a sliding camera and 10 GB of RAM. 4. OPPO


Sale: 29.2 million
Market share: 7.8%

Oppo Electronics Corporation is a Chinese company, a manufacturer of consumer electronics. In 2008, OPPO has released in the segment of portable electronics and launched its own production of mobile phones.

Top-end smartphones OPPO are based on high-performance chips from Qualcomm.

Part of models, 2013 is based on processors MediaTek.

OPPO the first smartphone based operating system Android was released in 2011 in Russia the company started its sales from smartphones OPPO Find 5 and OPPO Finder X907, which in 2013 officially sold on the Russian market. 3. Huawei


Sale: 60.5 million
Market share: 16.1%

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. one of the largest global companies in the telecommunications industry.

In June 2018, Huawei has become a leader in online sales of smartphones in Russia, surpassing Samsung and Apple. 2. Apple

Sales: 68.4 million
Market share: 18.2%

Apple — American Corporation, a manufacturer of personal and tablet computers, audioplayers, phones, software.

One of the pioneers in the field of personal computers and modern multitasking operating systems with graphical interface. 1. Samsung

Sales: 70.4 million
Market share: 18.7%

Samsung Group is a South Korean group of companies, one of the largest chaebol, was founded in 1938.

The world market is known as a manufacturer of high-tech components, including monocycle production of integrated circuits, telecommunications equipment, household appliances, audio and video devices. The main office is located in Suwon.

The company ranked first in the world in terms of smartphone sales.

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