Has not passed also month after the announcement of iOS 13, as Apple released a public beta of the new version of the mobile operating system. Apple unable to download it using Apple beta, but it is important to remember that the OS is not as stable as the final version: users can encounter errors and problems in the application work.

However, brave men, exhausted with curiosity since the beginning of June and decided to install beta iOS 13, will find many new and, most importantly, useful features. About the best of them News.ru and decided to tell.

Quick in all senses

If you think that the current version of the Apple operating system does not work as fast as we would like, then Apple surely you have heard. iOS 13. Thus, the work FaceID is 30% faster, applications run twice as fast, and yourself download the software and updates will decrease by 50% and 60%, respectively. By the way, it is because of these improvements Apple has withdrawn iOS 13 limit download content over the cellular network, with may increasing it from 150 to 200 MB for iOS 12.

“I am the night”

The most welcome innovation was a dark theme that would not only reduce eye strain, but will save battery life on devices with OLED display. Dark Mode changes the whole appearance of the operating system, dimming of the notification, Dock backgrounds and built-in apps. Apple has developed a special optimized mode Wallpaper, which can be switched from light to dark when activated, and an API so that third-party developers to create compatible with the dark theme of the app.

To enable Dark Mode in “Settings” and “control”. The owners of devices are also available in on/off mode schedule, account is taken of the sunset/sunrise according to local time.

Do not miss anything important

In addition, Apple’s updated, and Reminders, making them more useful and more competitive compared to third-party applications. Now the app consists of four sections, and all notes are organized into different lists with customizable colors and icons. Under each reminder, you can write an addition to it, and multiple lists can be grouped together.

Users will be able to set a specific time for the necessary things or tasks, and to move the reminder to the vehicle’s system, which is activated, for example, when traveling home, to add photos, documents, links or even the name of the person. In the latter case, Reminders will remind you of a specific task when dealing with user added via “Messages”. According to the developers, the app will even automatically give appropriate suggestions while typing long and descriptive records.

One finger

New option keyboard QuickPath Keyboard (Android users are laughing quietly in the side) will also be useful for those who prefer to communicate via instant messengers and social networks from your smartphone. Continuous text input allows users to type words without lifting your finger from the screen and swiping from letter to letter. QuickPath good at guessing the word, but it is available and alternative options are shown in the panel above the keyboard. Feature added by default and if you wish, you can disable it in “Settings”

Director himself

Although the iPhone is far from professional photo equipment (however, some Directors even used smartphones in the production of their film projects), the ability to shoot 4K videos allows stakeholders to carry out a qualitative survey using the appropriate tools. 13 iOS easy to edit video, allowing you to adjust elements such as exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness and more. Moreover, even the ability to turn the roller. Bloggers and fans to shoot a lot of video will definitely be satisfied a useful innovation.

Share music with your friend

Each of us at least once in your life been in a situation when in public transport or on Board the aircraft your friend, colleague or significant other asked you to share with them the earpiece with you that you can enjoy the movie or music. To deny a person is awkward, but also because the involvement in watching or listening anymore. Apple solved this problem by adding the function of Audio sharing. With it, users will be able to share the current track with another smartphone or, for example, to watch an episode of your favorite series with the audio to two headphones.

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