Moscow, June 28 — “News. The economy is” Apple design Chief jony Ive is leaving the company to start his own design firm. He created some of the most iconic Apple products — iPod, iPad, MacBook Air, iMac G3 and iPhone. Here are some of the most famous Apple devices, the appearance of which had a hand jony Ive.

In 2007, Apple turned the smartphone market, which was dominated by Microsoft, Palm, BlackBerry, Motorola and others, releasing the first iPhone. The emphasis on ease of use, classy design and touchscreen display helped Apple quickly establish itself as a major player.

That’s another win for jony Ive. The growing popularity of Bluetooth headphones started a couple of years ago, but Apple entered the market with AirPods, which quickly became the leader in the segment. Initially, this device looked a little awkward, but today headphones from Apple largely become the standard for fashionable people. Once again, the emphasis Quince on simplicity has helped to make them popular. Even the case for charging — in itself a brilliant choice in terms of design — is equipped with a pleasant tactile click mechanism.

Jony Ive helped design the new headquarters of Apple in Cupertino called Apple Park. The project started in 2004, and the campus officially opened in may with a concert of Lady Gaga. Apple Park, often called “spaceship”, fully powered by renewable energy. In his speech on Thursday CEO Tim cook said that Apple Park is the place where Ive invested “so much energy and care.” Now, when it was all over, Ive decided to move on, while Apple will still be the client of the future design firm.

IPod was first released in 2001 and quickly gained popularity among music lovers. Unlike CD players, it can hold thousands of songs. The process inevitably led to simplification, so the player has only four buttons, arranged in a circle. At first, users and reviewers were discouraged — the player was not the power button. The idea is that the device can include any button, and then after a period of inactivity it will shut off, was a genius.

White color iPod was the idea of Jonny. He believed that inspired Kubrick white was a reaction to the riot of color that replaced black. White color would say that the car will not dominate the user, unlike black electronics that would normally be too “technical” and “boring”.

iMac, available in blue, Bondi Blue color, came with a delightful at the time the 15-inch 1024×768 display, 233 MHz processor, 32 MB RAM, 4 GB hard drive and a slide-out drive, but it’s not so interesting. Much more interesting were the ports hidden behind a neat door in the side of the computer.

“Our computer’s back looks better than the other guys computers look like from the front” — was talking about the AIO G3 Steve jobs — “it’s like He’s from another planet. Good of the planet. The planet on which the designers better.” In January 1999 iMac got a small upgrade, get a faster processor and a new graphics card. Most importantly — now the computer you could buy in one of five colors.

Despite the fact that the Power Mac G4 Cube may not have considered as successful as the iMac G3, it still remains one of the most famous designs of Apple. The device was smaller than the other desktops of the time, and the entrails extracted from the housing using the handle that was easier than to Unscrew the cap. G4 also looked a lot cooler than most other computers. Computer itself is a parallelepiped with rounded edges from acrylic with a thickness of about 6 mm, the top of which is a silver CC In the right light it seems that the cube hanging in the air.

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