Toshiba has unveiled a new external storage device from the Canvio, the capacity of which reaches 4 terabytes. Of course, it’s not SSD, and hard drives that allowed them to make such a roomy while maintaining adequate cost.

Toshiba Canvio series consists of subseries Advance, Basic and Ready, which includes hard drives with capacity up to 4 terabytes. There are models with 1 terabyte with only one plate inside, and this indicates their greater reliability, although dropping them is still not worth it. Connect the HDD via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 depending on the model, and they definitely will earn in the current versions of Microsoft’s Windows OS and macOS Apple Linux support not stated.

Supplied with some models of Toshiba Canvio includes proprietary software for backup and data encryption, to avoid losing them in the case of media failure, and so no one could get to them. Right now the manufacturer offers a hard drive in the 4 terabyte line of Basic, but its price is not reported. HDD Ready and Advance the same capacity would arrive in January of the new year.

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