At the conference, Insight, 2019 in San Francisco, the American company Micron Technology announced an SSD X100, which is considered the world’s fastest SSD at the moment.

Toshiba X100 offers up to 2.5 million operations I / o per second. This is three times faster than competing SSDs available on the market today.

The drive uses memory 3D XPoint and connect PCIE 3.0×16. According to Micron, sequential read speed and write in the X100, mixed mode reaches more than 9 GB/s.

The new SSD has a latency of 8 ľs, which exceeds the capabilities of the Intel drives Optane (10 µs) and 11 times better compared to conventional NAND SSD. For cooling components of the device is a metal heat sink.

Capacity Toshiba X100, the manufacturer does not disclose. It is expected that the capacity of new SSDS will reach 512GB. Date of commencement of sales and the cost of the Toshiba X100 is still unknown. At the moment, the manufacturer supplies samples to the first customers.

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