Elena Temnikova will open a new dimension of his music for all who will attend any concert as part of a major nationwide tour TOUR TEMNIKOVA 2019 with more than 25 cities.

In this round, the singer will present a new format of sound tracks with live musicians, special effects, augmented reality, 5D sound and new light show.

LIVE band will give in and rock, and lyrics, and of course dancing. Elena Temnikova will perform all the hits and new, who voted for the audience on a specially designed landing page — Dreamlist — as well as the official social media of the singer.

Thanks to the augmented reality app AR TEMNIKOVA installed on the phone, every viewer will be able to become a full participant in the fascinating show and not only hear your favorite music, but also to see its virtual soul with his eyes. Innovative visualization is integrated into the entire concert.

Interactive with the entire audience will occur during the concert. Who gets more points — receive QR-code, which may come to TEMNIKOVA Team and pick up a unique gift.

The game automatically starts in a certain location, which is pre-defined in the system: on the phones screen the audience gets a short instruction. The audience will collect items, accelerate, cutting the object or can become a member of a unique light show with the help of your phone.

Elena Temnikova is the only holder of “notes of Apple” in Europe, the sixth artist in the world (along with Justin Timberlake, Drake, Sam Smith, Sion and Eminem). Songs Helena as one of the most popular artists of the country steadily occupy the leading line of sales and auditions. Two albums of the singer entered the selection of “Best albums of 2018” from Apple.

The award-winning VK Awards, “major League”, “song of the year” and others. Previous tour singer TOUR TEMNIKOVA 17/18 was visited by more than 100,000 people in 45 cities of the country, where the audience provided more than 50 000 000 views video tour only online.


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