The annual presentation of the company Apple will be September 10, in the “theatre of a name of Steve jobs”. Sounds like a slogan “Only through innovation”. Every time before the presentation of new gadgets from the company from Cupertino leaks, which are almost always confirmed. “360” has collected all that is currently known about the possible new products Apple.

iPhone. The new generation

According to tradition, from the presentation of the most expected new iPhone models. According to leaks, we have three versions of smartphone: the updated XR with LCD display and two of the gadget of new generation with a completely new filling and OLED screens

As reported by Appleinsider, the company didn’t have to think about new names and decided that after the Roman X should go back to more familiar figures: the iPhone 11 (updated XR), iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro 11 Pro Max with a larger screen.

The main and most controversial feature of the new iPhone will be the main system of chambers, comprising a normal lens for photos, a telephoto lens and wide angle lens. The resolution of each of them will be 12 megapixels, compared to seven megapixels in gadgets last year.

All three lens will shoot a picture at the same time, the new software will conduct the automatic correction of the image. The new system will allow you to take photos with high resolution at the level of professional cameras. Improve the quality of shooting in low light.

According to rumors, Apple will add the new system has improved the video capture, which will produce retouching, cropping, and add effects while shooting.

Selfie camera will increase the resolution to 12 megapixels, but apparently she will not change. Updated the sensor Face ID can recognise the face of the wearer on all sides. Bring your iPhone to your face to unlock, just to send a message, no longer need.

In comments to the new message format cameras has caused widespread discontent. Most users said that Apple ceased to surprise with new achievements. “If the camera is the only innovation that I’m with my X I’ll wait a year,” wrote one unhappy.

In addition to the appearance of a square camera on the back panel of the iPhone design almost will not change. The journalist from Bloomberg, posted on his Twitter page shards of glass, which, according to him, is nothing but part of the panels of the new iPhone.

In addition to traditional black and white colors, according to his version will appear green and purple.

According to journalists, Apple plans to completely abandon the system 3D Touch. They attributed this to the fact that the new iPhone models will be a new type of vibration Taptic Engine, codenamed “leap haptics”. It is unclear what functions it will perform. But, according to insiders, it will replace the 3D Touch, to which many have become accustomed.

The iPhone 11 will remain the Lightning port. The predictions of those who said that the practice of switching to USB-C with the introduction last year iPad Pro will apply to all new vehicles, did not materialize.

The main technical novelty is not presented yet iPhone will be the A13 processor. The experts noted that now the main issue for Apple is the ability to run games through the announced Apple Arcade. With the updated processor will make that possible. Chip will be responsible for machine learning and artificial intelligence iPhone, which will now be used in the selection of the best images and create a video augmented reality and Siri answers.

The unknown with the Apple Watch

Apple won’t release Apple Watch the fifth generation along with the new iPhone this fall. This opinion was voiced by the authors of the material on the website 9to5mac. According to them, Apple Watch Series 4 are outdated. They are fast and work great and all also compete in the market. With the updated design, they look quite modern.

However, this opinion did not agree analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that external changes can be expected, but the material from which the Apple watch will create, will be different. According to him, it will be ceramic, and do the Apple Watch will become slightly thinner. Reducing the thickness of the shell is connected with a large number of cheaper and “bad” competitors in the market. To maintain its share and capture new territories Apple will take such a step.

But the company will present its new timepiece or not exactly to say and no one else could.

Lost items

It is not excluded that Apple next Tuesday will introduce its own system for tracking personal belongings. On the work of this accessory told journalists MacRumors, when I studied Assembly system iOS 13.

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The device looks like a circular tag with the Apple logo in the center and is similar to a tracker that operates via Bluetooth. However, journalists do not exclude that we are talking about a possible charge for a tracking device. In one the authors of the material sure exactly tracker is integrated into one of the two apps: Find My iPhone or Find My Friends.

In case of loss, the user can press a button on your gadget, and the device will emit a sound. If, however, a lost thing cannot be found, the tracker can be translated into “losses”. If another iPhone user can through the tracker to get information about the owner and contact him.

It is possible that the search of lost things with the tracker be run through the camera using augmented reality system. But you can only rely on a small space. Scanning the room through the camera you can see the outline of lost things.

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