Russians like trade-in is convenient and safe.

Representatives of the United company “Coherent” and “Euroset” reported about the activity of Russians used smart phones for a trade-in program. The number given in exchange for a discount of smartphones rose more than 65 times compared with the previous year. If in the second quarter of 2017, the Russians surrendered to the retailer only 1500 devices, in the same period this year, almost 100,000 pieces.

In the “Connected-Euroset” claim that there are two main reasons why the trade-in program is gaining popularity in Russia. First, to take smartphones to trade-in in exchange for a discount on the purchase of a new device safely. Users don’t have to go to the secondary market, where there is a risk to face with fraud. Old smartphones officially acquires the company, which is no threat to remain without device and without money.

And secondly, the exchange of old smartphones for a new convenient. In order to get rid of a used device to its owner only need to come to one of the points of exchange. The “Coherent-Euronetwork” of such points in Russia, more than 5500. In the case of smartphone sales in the secondary market, the owner should look for buyers and to meet them, which takes a lot of time.

The two main pluses outweigh the main disadvantage of the program trade-in — lowest rating used smartphones. Devices are often valued significantly lower than on the secondary market. However, statistics show that many Russians is quite confusing.

Also in “the Messenger-the Euronetwork” has told that the most common trade-in trade-in smartphones are iPhone. Most often their rent in exchange for a discount on a new model of Apple’s smartphone.

Source: Statements.


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