We continue to monitor the interest of users in the context of release of new smartphones on the market or of preparation for this event. The guys from the portal GSMArena traditionally publish statistics and a list of the 10 most speculative of smartphones, this time for 40 weeks of the year 2019. That is, the period — beginning Oct.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Samsung Galaxy M30s (was 5)

Samsung Galaxy A70s (newbie)

OnePlus 7T
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (was 6)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (was 3)

Realme X2 Pro (beginner)

Samsung Galaxy A50 (was 9)

Xiaomi Mi A3 (novice)

Realme 5 Pro (beginner)

It is noticeable that interest in Apple products fairly quickly fades away. People gradually acquires this smartphone, and that’s enough. To read about it don’t want to. But his position keeps the conceptual Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which is very different from what we the market has to offer.

In addition, there was stuffing from a new batch of gadgets from Samsung. Works the usual rule is that if the smartphone is not top, and srednyachok, received moderate price tag, it will attract funny.

Note also the return of the rating of the device Xiaomi Mi A3, which couples weeks ago was already there, and quite successfully, but was later superseded by other models. Apparently the device think curious, once the smartphone is again back, even if only in the penultimate position. His rivals are this strong and a lot of them, because in principle a good result.

We also draw your own and your attention to the fact that the market appeared a daring brand-newcomer realme, which has successfully exploited the tactics of Xiaomi. The results are already visible, and the usual giants will probably soon have to make room.

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