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Trends and developments in the sphere of high technologies for the week. 27 may — 2 June 2019 godunovy horizons for the Internet of things

Sony has developed a chip that can dramatically stimulate the growth of the market “Internet of things”. The uniqueness of the technology LPWA ELTRES — the ability to communicate wirelessly between a large number of devices at a distance of 60 miles (a little less than 100 km). It will be stable, even if objects are in difficult conditions (for example, mountains or metropolis) and moving quickly. The chip is extremely energy efficient, which has a positive impact on the autonomy of the compact devices like drones.

Know-how vendor lock — in using a separate radio frequency 920 MHz in conjunction with GPS/GNSS to determine the exact coordinates of a specific point in time. Details of the development are not yet known, but Sony already offers possible scenarios: search in the mountains or at the sea with the function of emergency communication, tracking of leased vehicles and auto deliveries in the cities and so on. In other words, the technology is focused on the management and control of a large number of mobile objects in a single network, as well as on human security in the extreme, and even under standard conditions (e.g., observation of child at home).

Earn in a test mode, the technology is expected in the fall of 2019. About the future prospects, in particular, of entering the world market are not yet known.

The AI will send everyone in the movie

The American edition of the Verge published an article, which tells about startups in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), supposedly used by Hollywood studios. Launched in 2015, ACCORDING to companies Cinelytic (USA), ScriptBook (Belgium) and Vault (Israel) analyzes what themes, actors, and scripts will bring the most profit, what age group a particular film will be interesting. The solution ScriptBook showed an 86% precision in the determination of the yield of 50 films released in 2017-2018, based on the scenario, while the accuracy of analysts amounted to 44%. The main drawback of “AI producers” conservatism. They work with data based on past kinosian and failures. The actual cultural changes and requests, as well as other details, which can perform only a person, program forced are ignored. Accordingly, the complete replacement of the real producers digital, however. The fact of the use of AI’s Hollywood studios is hidden by confidentiality agreements.

Conditional flagships from Xiaomi

One of the largest technology companies in China, Xiaomi continues the trend of the development budget lines in the direction of the A-class. Traditionally, the low-enriched sub-brand Redmi devices which with some reservations can be called the flagship smartphones K20 and K20 Pro (in Russia, will be called Xiaomi Mi and Mi 9T 9T Pro) and a laptop RedmiBook 14 in several versions.

Redmi K20 Pro costs from $360 to $435 depending on the modification. At such a low price it is equipped with the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, triple camera module from Sony to 48 MP, fast charging, current wireless interfaces, except for inductive charging. Laptop with a design similar to Apple Macbook Air, valued vendor in the range of $580 – $725. The expensive version is equipped with a chip Intel Core i7–8565U and 512 GB flash memory.

Relatively low price due to the integration of advertising in ON (especially for smartphones), as well as compromise solutions in terms of hardware. For example, in the notebook equipped with a processor of the eighth generation, while Intel already introduced a tenth. A frameless display in Redmi K20 has a resolution of Full HD, which is below the average for flagship A-class.

Satellites Mask outshine the stars

The recently launched company SpaceX satellites Starlink forced to talk about a potential problem for the scientific community. While the network of 12 000 devices in low earth orbit will provide mankind with the Internet, the life of astronomers may become much more complicated. The first 60 satellites were visible to the naked eye in the night sky because of the orientation of the solar reflectors. It is difficult to imagine the picture, when they will be 200 times bigger.

In the company know about the problem, she had already decided. Reflectors are running satellites became dimmer after the final settings. Also Elon Musk has instructed engineers in the future to Orient them so that the visibility of the device from the Ground was minimal. He even allowed for the possibility of placing telescopes on satellites. As a result, according to the CEO of SpaceX, the system Starlink “will not have a significant impact” on astronomy.

Powerful camera with mirror price

Fujifilm has joined the list of hi-end cameras, mirrorless model GFX 100 with the matrix 102 MP. The dimensions of the active area of the sensor be x 32,9 43,8 mm, which is 1.7 times larger than the standard full-frame. The unit with the stock cover the needs of any professional photographer. ISO range is 100-12 800 (expandable to 50-102 400), shutter speed — 1/16, 000 to 30 seconds, there patisia stabilization, supported 16‑bit RAW format.

For storing pictures and videos there are two SD card format UHS-II. The viewfinder is electronic, removable, placed on the body three displays. The weight of the camera with one battery (supports two) and without lens is 1.32 kg.

Fujifilm GFX 100 will go on sale in the world June 30 – $9999 (only for the “carcass” without a lens). In Russia, the camera is expected in July, the recommended price is 769 999 rubles. It is 3-4 times more expensive than the flagships from Canon, Nikon and Sony — the “workhorses” of professional photographers. On the other hand, earlier medium format cameras of this level produced only luxury brands Hasselblad and Phase One, and they cost even more — from 1 million rubles.

Google’s algorithms have surpassed the doctors

Google introduced a new algorithm that can identify lung cancer in its early stages without the comparative analysis, based on one of computer tomography, giving fewer false results than with radiologists. Where the development of even small tumors is available in dynamics, artificial intelligence (AI) was at least as effective as doctors.

During testing, the program has successfully coped with the task in 94% of cases, which is very high. The main advantage of AI is the ability to build three-dimensional model of the lungs based on CT images and distinguish details that the person is not physically able to see. The algorithm to correctly interpret the data of CT, the developers used a technique called deep learning on the basis of about 46 000 x-ray images. The main challenge in the implementation of the technology in practical medicine is the need for high-performance computers. The immediate prospects for the development of a relatively obscure: Google continues research and talks about its use by medical institutions of the United States. Would it be possible to apply the technology in relation to other types of cancer, while silent.


For $1.3 million by an unknown person purchased a laptop Samsung NC10–14GB 2008 release. It is a piece of art called “the Persistence of chaos”: About the artist Guo Dong (Guo O Dong) is loaded into the device the six most dangerous viruses, the total damage from which is estimated at $95 billion Computer harmless while not connected to the Internet or does not have access to USB storage devices.

A minimum of $695 million investing company Pegatron, a Taiwanese manufacturer of chips for Apple’s iPhone, in the transfer of production from China to Indonesia. Depending on unspecified factors, the amount could increase to $1 billion in other partners Apple — Foxconn and Wistron — have already announced the construction of new plants in India.

35 billion during the first 9 years was the financial damage from a failed space launch in Russia, according to the documentation of “Roscosmos”. Of them about 20 billion covered by public insurance subsidies, and who will reimburse the remainder, is unclear. For 2010-2018, according to official data, took place on 11 emergency start of the 248.

For the first time in 4 years Apple has updated the iPod line Touch. Vendor set CPU A10 Fusion (2016 release) and added a version with 256 GB of memory. The design has changed, and prices: a model with 32 GB costs $199 (in Russia — 18 990 rubles). For older will have to pay $399 (37 390 rubles).

Chip on a 5-nanometer process technology will massively produced in the company TSMC in the first quarter of 2020, which will be a new record in the industry. The development of the Taiwanese company used by major chip manufacturers, including Qualcomm, Apple and Huawei. By the way, Huawei, recently came under American sanctions, TSMC is not going to stop working.

Up to $700 will save the owners of MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2018 release, which was faced with the sticky keys either not triggered. Apple has expanded the program of free repair of the devices, despite the fact that earlier it was sure brought to mind the arrangements of the keyboards will work as it should. It is likely that the problem will be solved in the updated MacBook Pro, which was presented on 21 may.

For $4.5 billion plans to buy back their shares to Toshiba Memory companies Apple, Dell, Kingston Technology and Seagate Technology. All of them were part of the group led by the investment Fund Bain Capital, which bought the business of producing memory chips from Toshiba. During the year Memory Toshiba expects to enter the Japanese stock market.

No earlier than 2039 human foot could step on Mars, experts say portal Analyzing the prospects of development related to space travel industries, scientists found it impossible landing on Mars in the early 2030’s, as planned by NASA.

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