Farewell to the “Radio”

“Roskosmos” officially announced the completion of the current phase of the project “Spektr” — mission “Radioastron”. In January 2019, the space radio telescope “Spektr-R” has ceased to respond to commands from Earth. A few months experts tried to reconnect with him, but on may 30 the state Commission announced the completion of the project, which lasted from 2011. Warranty period “Radioastron” was completed in 2014. The mission itself was to be completed in 2016, but has been repeatedly extended, most recently until the end of 2019.

The telescope was designed to observe bright celestial bodies (the nuclei of galaxies, pulsars, quasars) with ultra-high angular resolution. It is impossible to achieve with telescopes located on Earth. “Radioastron” was used by scientists from 19 countries allowed us to achieve significant results in the study of the celestial bodies and interstellar space.

To this day, “Radioastron” was the only ongoing project from Russia aimed at the fundamental study of the Universe. But in late June it is planned to launch the next project in the series “Spectrum” “Spectrum-RG”. Russian telescope ART-XC and eROSITA German, in particular, will be engaged in the mapping of clusters of galaxies in the Universe.

Short flight of the Stratolaunch

According to the American press, the Stratolaunch Systems Corporation is looking to sell assets. The main project of the company is a giant plane Stratolaunch by Scaled Composites Model 351, designed for lifting space rockets and shuttles to a height of several tens of kilometers, and air launch. In April he had his first test flight, the results of which are recognized successful. At the beginning of the year, the company has abandoned the development of a reusable space plane Black Ice and space engines of new types. The project was launched in 2011, American entrepreneur, co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen. In October 2018, the businessman died of cancer, and after a few months it became known of financial difficulties of the company. Obviously, by itself, without the financial investments of the founder, Stratolaunch can’t compete with either public corporations or private sector, focuses primarily on SpaceX and Blue Origin. Thus, most likely, after the sale of the assets and intellectual property the project will sink into Oblivion.

Supermonitor and other new products from Apple

June 3, Apple held a presentation at the conference for developers WWDC‑2019. There have been some “iron” novelties: a powerful Mac Pro for $6000 in the basic configuration and monitor with super high resolution and dynamic range Pro Display XDR ($4999). The monitor is available for $999 without a stand Pro Stand that allows you to adjust the height, tilt angle and orientation.

Traditionally, it was announced the update to its devices. Smartphones get iOS 13 with a dark theme and enhance applications. OS for the tablet has received its own name, iPadOS: the developers have optimized to work with multiple applications at the same time, adapting them under the large display, and also introduced support for external storage. iPad Pro will learn to read files from flash drives, external hard drives and cameras. Some useful functions will be the owners of Apple Watch and Apple TV. In macOS, Apple has implemented full support for voice control (it is not known whether to run in Russian) and the ability to use the iPad as an additional monitor. All these releases are traditionally scheduled in the fall.

The most unexpected announcement of WWDC‑2019 refusal to run the iTunes program, which always synchronize the data on your mobile devices with your PC. Now this function will be placed in a separate section macOS (as it is implemented under Windows yet known), and work with music, podcasts, and TV shows will be through appropriate applications.

Cryptocarya Pavel Durov

Details became known of the blockchain-TON platform on the basis of the messenger Telegram. From the published technical documentation, the publication of The Bell concludes that this is not just a payment system based on cryptocurrencies Gram, as previously assumed, but a whole ecosystem of services, applications and sort of web sites. The main advantages of the platform over similar — high level of protection of personal data and unprecedented speed (millions of operations per second smooth). Through gateways all the services of a TON (especially the payment system) will be able to interact with familiar web resources.

The creation of the TON is Pavel Durov, the founder of social network “Vkontakte” and the scandalous Telegram messenger. The platform is at the stage of closed testing, access to the services in April, got a few unnamed companies. Public launch is planned TON in the third quarter of 2019. Most likely, it will happen before 31 Oct, because otherwise Durov will have to return $1.7 billion investment.

The Ural schoolboy has invented a device for the deaf

Daniil Kazantsev, grader from Ekaterinburg, are through to the final Google Science Fair — an international scientific competition Google for young scientists aged 13 to 18 years. Presented the project concept for automatic sign language interpreter that reads the muscle contractions of the hands and translates them to voice it on the connected device. Kazantsev hopes that his development will not only contribute to the socialization of the deaf, but also can be promising in the field of space tourism in the future.

According to Kazantsev, the project already has an investor, and the prospect of entering mass production. Previously with the same project of a young developer got a small Nobel prize (Second Grand Award) at the world fair of scientific achievements of pupils Intel ISEF. The finals of the Google Science Fair will be held in July at the Google headquarters in California, the winner can receive a scholarship of up to $50 thousand


For 2021 scheduled flight of a new U.S. missile Vulcan, developed by United Launch Alliance (ULA). Other media companies — Atlas and Delta — are most often used for unmanned NASA launches. The new missile successfully passed design validation; developers begin qualification testing.

20 people were injured because of the error ON unmanned subway train in Japan. Self-governing train went in the wrong direction and crashed into the buffer counter. All trains on the line stopped until the clarification of circumstances of incident. This is the first such incident in 30 years of work of the metro line.

Over 460 000 sale of camera “Zenit-M”, developed jointly by the Krasnogorsk plant them. S. A. Zverev and the German company Leica. The camera has a full frame CMOS sensor with 24 MP, ISO range 200-64-00, support SD memory card, battery capacity of 1800 mA•h the Device comes with a Zenitar manual lens 35 mm f/1.0.

3%, according to IDC, will shrink the PC market (desktops, laptops, tablets and traditional tablets with keyboard hook) in 2019. In 2023, according to analysts, the supply of this equipment will be 367.7 million pieces against the alleged 392.5 million in 2019.

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