Trump has again become the object of ridicule. The President of the United States called Apple’s CEO “Tim Apple”, what provoked the mob on Twitter. The diplomatic blunders and the use of nonexistent words, apparently, not enough for him.

In discussing the statement of the American leader of Donald trump, which he admitted, referring to the General Director of Apple Tim cook.

“Tim Apple”, — said trump at a meeting in the White house, which was attended by journalists. In the comments of a post, users immediately picked up the manner of a President of the United States, replacing the names of famous personalities of the companies they lead.

“Well, be confused with bill Microsoft,” wrote in the comments.

“Tim Apple is Steve Macintosh our time,” — said in Twitter.

“Third party note: he is now feuding with Jeff Amazon,” wrote one user.

“I thought it was just a joke, until I saw and heard the recording,” — shared his impressions of the other.

Remember to Network and tweet trump, where he used non-existent in the English language, the word covfefe.

“It’s dementia. He’s getting worse,” suggested on the Network.

For trump noticed a lot of incorrect statements that were both funny and offensive. For example, he mixed Coca-Cola with cocaine, called Nepal in tune with the word nipple (nipple — approx. ed.), Bhutan — button (button). The US President also “forgot” the name of his wife, calling her Melanie, and sometimes publishes strange positions which have no logic.

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