Moscow, June 27 — “Conduct. Economy” Donald trump in an interview with Fox Business Network suggested that the European Union with lawsuits against technology companies in the U.S. such as Facebook and Google, has gone beyond the accepted norms, saying that lawsuits against these firms should be competent of the United States. The US President chided the tech giants of Silicon valley that they are biased against Republicans.

Donald trump called on the EU to stop the trials against American it giants Google and Facebook. The US President explained that the legal proceedings against American high-tech companies is the sole prerogative of the United States.

“We need to judge Google, Facebook, and the like, and we probably will get there”, — said the American President.

Trump did not specify why the government should sue Google and Facebook, but mention it in the context of the fines that the European Union has imposed on American high-tech company. Recently, the EU has fined Google $1.7 billion for the third violation of the antitrust rules of the EU for three years.

Over the past few years by legal actions instituted by the European Commission, Google had to pay several fines totaling about $9 billion

“She hates the United States perhaps more than anyone, anyone I ever met,” said trump in an interview with Fox Business Network, obviously referring to EU Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager of. “They make it nearly impossible to conduct bilateral business,” said trump, once again repeating his claim that Europe treats US worse than China, when it comes to trade.

Trump believes Google is “completely biased” by the company that specifically tries to “rig” presidential elections in the United States in 2020.

Republicans, in particular Senator Ted Cruz, blame Google and Facebook in pessimizirovat conservative content, which, according to them, violates the freedom of speech. According to the Democrats, the sites are private companies and have the right to regulate information that appears on them.

The White house also accused Twitter in creating obstacles for members who want to become readers of his microblog. “Many people come to me with the words: “Sir, I cannot subscribe to you.” Because of the policies of Twitter, I find it harder to get your message across,” said trump.

The US President suggested that he’s gained “five times more followers” if I was a Democrat.

The bias of social networks in relation to Republicans and politicians with conservative views has become one of the favorite themes of Donald trump in recent years. According to the President, Twitter, Google and Facebook deliberately diskriminerad it.

“People are talking about some conspiracy, but the real collusion between these companies and Democrats — said earlier trump in an interview with CNBC. They opposed me during the race. Everyone told me that if I do not enlist their support, you will not win. So, I won and will win again.”

The American President noted that “the trump news”, the search engine offers mainly “the media to create fake news.”

“In other words, they are all rigged, for me and others, so that all history and news is bad. Especially notable is the fake CNN. Republican/conservative and honest media are excluded. Illegal?” — wrote trump.

“It is very dangerous. Google and others suppress the votes of conservatives and hide good information and news. They control what we can and cannot see. This is a very serious situation, we understand!” he added.

At the beginning of June of current year it became known that the American government would launch an antitrust investigation against Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, regulators will have to find out whether tech company abused its dominant position on the market.

The trial will be implemented by the Federal trade Commission, which will Amazon and Facebook, and the Ministry of justice, which will check Apple and Google. In favor of the investigation in respect of teggiano expressed by both Republicans and Democrats, to show solidarity with the position of Donald trump.

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