The President of the United States Donald trump refused to provide customs privileges for Apple hardware produced in China, and encouraged them to produce it in the United States. “Apple will not receive customs exemptions or concessions for parts of the Mac Pro, which are made in China. Make them in the USA without any tariffs!”, — wrote the President of the United States in his Twitter. Previously, the company made an official [request] ( for the provision of customs privileges for the equipment. The request concerned and, in particular, power supplies for computers. On June 20 the company also appealed to [the letter] ( to the Trade mission of the USA with a request not to impose 25 percent tariff on goods from China. “The proposed list of tariffs covers all major Apple products including iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods and AppleTV, as well as components and batteries used to repair these products in the United States. The proposed rates also apply to accessories that Apple builds for these devices, such as monitors and keyboards. We urge the US government not to impose tariffs on these products,” — said in the letter. In early June, Morgan Stanley analysts said that within nine months of the U.S. recession could begin, if the trade conflict with China will continue to develop and will be introduced additional tariffs. In October 2018, analysts at JP Morgan predicted the us economy recession in three years. Then the probability of a US recession in three years, they have appreciated more than 80%, with a probability of 60% within two years.

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