Moscow, October 25 — “Lead. Economy” the slogan of the President of the United States Donald trump — “Trump uninteresting various forms of soft power.” He loves to win, giving special, and one-sided, emphasis on the development of military power and economic growth.

The charm of the country and the veneer of reliability on the world stage necessary to pursue their own selfish interests. Trump is a supporter of the slogan “Make America great again” (MAGA), under the brand name which creates an excellent soil for the development of nationalism, the decline of U.S. participation in the global institutions, like the UN and WTO etc.

In fact, the image of the government of Washington is so bad, and among Americans, including that it is more and more outweighed by the undoubted benefits US in other areas. Perhaps that’s why Trump is still not worth it to ignore the obvious deterioration of the reputation of his country, which led to a downgrade in Soft Power 30, a joint project of the consulting company, and Portland Center for public diplomacy at the University of southern California.

As noted in a new report Soft Power 30, antagonistic worldview trump is part of this problem. Addiction to tariffs in trade, rigid demonstration of power through the various steps undertaken in the economic sphere, talking about the fact that no mutual benefit from the compromise or cooperation in this case. The same worldview MAGA is clearly evident in the President’s statement this week that the US is officially out of the Paris agreement in 2015 on climate change and its relation to the armed forces of the United States, which remain the most powerful and certainly the most expensive in the world, a tool that enables you to project both hard and soft power depending on how to use it.

The presidents hold office no more than 8 years, and there are forces that are able to deal with them. In regard to the soft power of the United States, this is the industry of technology, headed by Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, the world’s best universities, including Harvard, Stanford and mit.

The envy of many in this world are the personal freedoms and legal system of America. The factors that helped France under President Emanuele the Macron to regain a leading position or has held the UK and Germany in the first five short-lived. And soft power the U.S. can correct the situation in the right direction.

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