Moscow, November 21 — “News. Economy” the President of the company Tim cook said it was impossible to build Mac Pro without Chinese parts.

Washington may release the Apple from customs duties on goods from China. The President of the country, Donald trump told reporters after visiting the company’s plants for the Assembly of computers. With him in the factory was present and CEO of tech giant Tim cook.

Trump previously called on Apple to move its production from China. Prior to that the President of the United States held a private conversation with Tim cook. He explained that the new US tariff on goods from China will give a competitive advantage main rival Apple — Korean company Samsung.

“We need to treat Apple about the same as the Samsung”, — concluded the head of the White house.

As wrote earlier “News. Economy”, a week ago it became known that Apple hired one of the closest allies of US President Donald trump in Washington, Jeffrey Miller that he lobbied the interests of the company, to prevent the ingress of a number of products in a regular list of goods that the White house may impose duties, if not conclude the trade deal with Beijing.

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