The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is considering to ban “pass-through” encryption (End-to-End encryption), which is used, for example, services like Apple’s Messages and FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Signal. This was announced by the publication Politico, citing three sources.

This subject was discussed at a closed meeting of the Council for national security of the United States. “End-to-end” encryption used in Apple services, Google, Facebook and many others.

This type of encryption is considered secure because access to the data in this case, to read the message only the users involved in the correspondence, and providers hackers, government agencies and other third parties can not gain access to the keys needed to decrypt messages.

The US authorities want to have access to correspondence and other communication, respectively, are thinking about banning the use of reliable encryption option in favor of another.

While the issue has not been resolved. The story can develop in two ways — either the American authorities openly Express their attitude to end-to-end encryption, or just accept we need a law through Congress without broad public discussion.

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