Apple has not responded yet.

The President of the United States Donald trump responded to a recent report by Apple that prices for equipment, the company may increase because of new sanctions against China. Trump has advised Apple to start producing iPhone in the US and suggested to start to build factories right now.

According to trump, there is a “simple solution”, which would rule out any problems with Apple. In particular, would reduce tax payments to zero. To do this, Apple should move iPhone production from China to the United States.

In this case, Apple will have to pay significantly less in taxes and various fees. However, the labor cost in USA is much higher than in China. In this regard, the total price for your iPhone, provided that they are assembled in the USA, the risk increase.

At the moment Apple has not responded to trump. Previously, Apple has repeatedly offered to begin to manufacture and assemble the iPhone in the United States. Most often worried about it policy for the country, who see in this decision a noticeable increase in jobs.

Source: Twitter.


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