Did not have time to dry ink on a trump, declared in the country state of emergency because of alleged threats against information and kommunikacionnoe structure of America, as this step has responded trading with China, a U.S. Corporation. In particular, Google announced that Chinese smartphones will be deprived of access to the services of American IT-company, they will no longer receive Android updates, but the buyers can not continue to use Gmail, YouTube and maps. Why not have a relationship to the state, at least formally, the American IT company associated with the Chinese Corporation Huawei’s long-term obligations, breaks them, guided by political directives Washington — a rhetorical question. We already know that the Google example was followed by several American telecommunications firms.

Just a few hours before the high-profile decisions by us IT giant the US President in an interview with Fox News proudly announced that the American business enterprise moves from China to other countries in South-East Asia after the increase in tariffs on products of China. According to trump, taken by White house steps will force Beijing to adopt a new trade agreement on American terms. Washington used all methods of economic lobbying, using political protectionism and unfair competition, to seek international partners best USA trading decisions.

According to experts, the clouds over Huawei deepened after the Chinese company began to undercut American producers in the sale of technologies and equipment for 5G networks, where the Americans hoped to be the first. First, the White house launched a “duck” that the Chinese producers use their equipment for espionage, and under this pretext, have offered to cooperate more actively with American corporations. But only Australia, New Zealand and Japan listened to the team from Washington, while the EU, by contrast, refused to dismiss the mutually beneficial cooperation with Chinese telecommunication giants. And this, despite an angry letter to the US Ambassador in Berlin, in which he threatened Germany to reduce the exchange of intelligence, if Huawei gets access to the German market.

The decision to declare trump in the US state of emergency, which gave the right of States to deny U.S. communications companies purchase equipment manufactured pose a threat to national security firms, was not spontaneous. This step is aimed primarily against bypassing American Corporation Huawei, was another example of the methods by which the White house hopes to make America great again.

All the explanations trump that today and now the United States has developed “an extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and the economy”, explanation intended to prove the necessity of emergency, you do not have to reality is irrelevant. Revealing discrimination Huawei — another demonstration of the scale of global corruption, which went the us administration to free American business from the competition. Russia is watching the same techniques in Europe, where the Americans frighten Old world with the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, to sell at the local market its liquefied natural gas. From the same “stable” and Washington’s demands on the EU to abandon the production of their own weapons in favor of American manufacturers.

Discrimination Huawei — demonstration of global impropriety USA
The willingness of American business to execute the political directives of the White house, makes null and void signed earlier with the US companies of the agreement. For the White house, there is no “fair competition”, if the US does not win the battle. China’s decision not to succumb to Washington’s pressure and respond with their high tariffs imposed by the Americans duty, forcing trump to make all new economic attacks against its largest trading partner, which Washington is now increasingly considered an enemy.

True predictions “new York times” who called trump unleashed a trade war a threat to the entire world economy. However, many experts analyzing the anticipated consequences of trade battles, I do not see America among the winners.

US President reassures compatriots that their actions against China, he saves America. But his opponents, by contrast, warn that sanctions against Huawei trump untied the hands of the Chinese authorities, before cautiously reacted to the hostile attacks of the White house. And a representative of the foreign Ministry of China Liu Kan called on Huawei to defend in court their rights in connection with the actions of Google.


A future without Android

Over the Chinese company Huawei is seriously threatened. From working with her refused at first Google and later the largest us chip manufacturers such as Intel and Qualcomm.

The suspension of the cooperation between Huawei and Google will concern the owners of smartphones and tablet computers. First, you can forget about the Android updates. They develop just in Google, and then to distribute to manufacturers of all devices running this operating system. Secondly, the following models of smartphones and tablets Huawei (which also produces gadgets under the brand of Honor) will not include popular Google services. We are talking about so called GMS — Google Mobile Services, which are installed on almost any Android smartphone and available, as they say, out of the box. Among them — built-in Google search, Chrome browser, apps, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and Google Play Store. This means that the smartphone will not be able to install any one app from the official catalog, and there are more than a million.

Actual range and new items coming Huawei these sanctions hardly affected, but models released in the second half, can lose appeal, says the head of the Hi-Tech Mail.ru Dmitry Ryabinin, “do Not exclude that in the negative development of the situation Huawei may reduce prices to compensate for falling market share in the future.” In Russia, according to Ryabinina, smartphones Huawei Honor and the most popular are the share of brands account for 25 percent of the market. The figure could be reduced by 5-10 per cent, but this will not be fatal, he said.

The termination of cooperation with manufacturers of microprocessors also hit by a Chinese company. For example, Intel produces chips for servers, as Qualcomm processors and modems for mobile devices. Refusal to supply Huawei components could have an impact including on the deployment of 5G networks in the world, Chinese companies are not what will make the equipment. Of course, you can remember that Huawei is not only developing its own mobile processors Kirin, but its own operating system for smartphones. But to speak about full replacement of Android is not necessary. “Such developments take place, and now they will be accelerated, but at best the final result will appear before the end of 2019 until they are viable. But will be back hard and fast action against Apple for which the Chinese market second in the world in sales,” said Dmitry Ryabinin. Good things from Samsung — the company is already ramping up production and preparing to oust the weakening of the Chinese giant.

Perhaps the attack on Huawei — a rate hike on the part of Donald trump on the way to “stunning” trade deal with Beijing, but it may mean that the deal becomes constantly deviating Mirage. Then the confrontation between the major economies still go into a full-scale trade war, which will last at least until the presidential elections in the United States. Point of no return, is expected to become the G20 summit in late June, on the fields which is scheduled to meet leaders of the US and China.

For Russia, the escalation of the conflict is fraught with reduction of prices on oil, gas and metals due to a partial rupture of relations between the US and China and the resulting slowdown in world trade. However, in comparison with other similar countries, Russia is less vulnerable to these risks due to the low level of public debt, huge reserves, trade surplus and rigid budgetary rules, which the government holds just in case the inevitable periodic drops in oil prices. According to the rule, all oil-and-gas Federal budget revenues from oil prices exceeding 40 dollars per barrel of Urals (2017) are not current expenses, and the government reserves — at the expense of these “additional” income received in 2018, the national wealth Fund by the end of this year will exceed 8.4 trillion rubles, or 8.1 percent of GDP.

Prepared By Anton Annunciation, Igor Zubkov

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