The President of the United States Donald trump in the framework of his visit to Austin, met with Apple’s CEO. The head of state asked him to participate in the creation of 5G throughout the country.

During my visit yesterday in Austin, TX […] I have asked Tim cook to see if he can engage in the creation of the Apple 5G in USA. They have everything you need — money, technology, vision, and cook!, — wrote the President on Twitter.

However, instead of a potential cooperation, some publications drew attention to trump’s words on the opening of a new factory Apple. As noted by a reporter for The New York Times Jack Nikas, the company that was visited by the President along with cook, actually belongs to the company Flextronics, which manufactures for Apple computers 2013.

While Apple on the same day really announced the beginning of construction of the Texas campus for $1 billion in New offices will open in 2022, and will employ about 5,000 people. About at the production of the question, says Nikas.

Earlier told that Apple is changing the way developing internal builds of the operating system. The reason for this decision was iOS 13, whose first version was full of bugs and problems.

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