“Always said that American wine is better than French”, — opaque hinted at upcoming sanctions trump. However, the American leader, as you know, alcohol doesn’t. In conversation with journalists he explained that he simply “like the look of the wine”. However, the threat sounded very serious-the USA is the major importer of French wines (at 13.2 billion euros per year), and the drink takes the second place in the structure of the French exports, second only to aircraft.

In the US administration has assured that “will not sit idly by and tolerate discrimination against American companies.” The apparatus of the U.S. trade representative launched an investigation, examining the impact for the IT sector and possible responses. According to trump, he had previously warned Him about the readiness for discriminatory measures against French wine and, perhaps, other goods. Nevertheless, Paris continued to stand on his own.

After verbal attacks macron immediately called American counterpart. The presidents agreed to revisit the situation at the summit of the group of seven, which will be held August 24-26 in French Biarritz. The French leader hoped to raise this issue with the leaders of “seven” in order to make progress on fair taxation of IT-companies: previously about similar plans announced by several countries of the Old world.

The fact that now international IT companies earn income in one country and pay taxes in another where the tax rate is much lower. Talking about the advertising revenues of online sales platforms, aggregators. Paris unhappy with this situation, insisting that digital companies should pay taxes where profit.

Although trump statements in relation to French wine and look emotional, they are very practical

The Minister of economy and Finance of France Bruno Le Mayor stated that the tax on IT companies, “fair”, and therefore inevitable, although the specific settings you need to find a consensus. However, he urged Washington not to confuse technology with French wines and to refuse to increase tariffs on them. He drew attention that the tax is not directed specifically against American IT companies, and will be extended to firms from other countries receiving income from activities on the territory of France, but do not pay their taxes.

Under the new rules the victims of the tax may be companies with gross annual revenue of 750 million euros in the world and 25 million euros in France. Based on these criteria, Bloomberg predicts that under French law can get about three dozen companies, most of which — namely the us, including Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google. The tax will also affect firms from the UK, Germany, China.

Although trump statements and look emotional, they are very practical. Support will not hurt American winemaking: according to the same Bloomberg, Beijing in the framework of a trade war with Washington has increased the import duties on wine from the United States, causing their prices in China have grown in half to two times. As a result, the volume of wine exports from the U.S. to China declined by a quarter. In addition, trade reprisals against French wine and, accordingly, the growth of prices in the American market, indirectly beneficial to the family of the head of state, because the business Empire of the trump among several wineries producing wine under his family name.

I must say that the White house refuses to treat Him as an equal. The French President tried to achieve an equal relationship, starting from the first meeting, when you were preparing for a handshake with his us counterpart. The fact that the tramp at the dawn of the presidency loved when shaking hands sometimes to sharply pull the hand of the person on itself, bringing order out of balance. Therefore, the Makron, is markedly inferior to the Trump dimensions, the first handshake was struggling with trying to be strong and careful at the same time, not allowing the White house to pull his hand. Like the Makron face in the dirt does not hit, but it looked that first handshake with trump is clearly stretched and therefore comical.

Another shooting in a public place in the United States has claimed the life of one man, another 11 were injured. This time the incident with a firearm occurred in the borough of Brooklyn in new York. According to local newspaper the New York Post, citing law enforcement, all the victims were hospitalized. According to eyewitnesses, the attacker opened fire during a street festival.

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