One of the main targets of trading attacks Washington Corporation, Huawei, and on its example it is possible to understand why the insidious plans of the White house back like a boomerang. Last week, the Chinese IT giant has imposed new sanctions, banning its products to American companies. However, the signs of decay in Huawei is not noticeable. On the contrary — the external pressure led to the mobilization of latent resources of the IT giant and strengthen the projects that were deferred for the future.

In the headquarters of Huawei all the staff at the entrance welcomes the following sentence: “Heroes are forged, not born”. And here is an illustration — the Soviet aircraft Il-2. As written here, during the great Patriotic war he was shot down, riddled with bullets, burned, but each time after the assignment was returned to base. With this aircraft the Chinese company, obviously, and compares himself today in terms of total technological war.

Like the Soviet attack aircraft, the Chinese tech giant goes to the counter at low level flight. Here is the head of Huawei Ren Zhengfei, a former military engineer, goes to the terminology wartime promises to create in China a new “iron army”. “Without propaganda from the President trump people in the world would not know about the competitiveness of Huawei products, so the President trump helped us,” he says.

A rare case: the company shows a laboratory test center. Here we are testing every new product before it goes to market. Mobile phones throw, bend, hard press on the buttons and sensors, constantly insert the cables. Next check the transmission equipment of the fifth generation.

5G is a new standard, expedited data transfer, and against whom he fought trump. And to close for the Chinese American market, just accused them of cyber-espionage. But it turned out that he had deprived himself of access to the technologies of the future. “Of course, 5-JI is one of the reasons why the US began to put pressure on us. Because we have become a market leader. The only company that has learned to combine different communication standards and different data transmission technologies,” says Leo Lee, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group.

Possible ultra-fast transfer speeds here show clearly. In China networks covered all cities. 5G are already implementing in transport, and utilities.

On signal processing — hundredths of a second. Be sure to check for the vulnerability — to-the-minute on the servers of the Corporation is at least 200 hacking attacks.

Whether because Apple is also collected here, Washington is going to back down. Duties on mobile phones, laptops, and monitors, and at the same time clothes and shoes — all the things that were shipped from China — decided to postpone until mid-December. The White house did not rule out that can be removed and promised on Monday a final ban on American technocumbia to put Huawei stuffing for electronics same chip. But whether now is Huawei?

In the town of Dongguan, where is the main production site of Huawei, has its own Fifth Avenue. At the table a pair of: he American it specialist, she is a Chinese housewife. Politics intervened even on the menu — burgers and steaks are now almost not order. “This steak can only be made from American beef, but it was twice as expensive as local, and after the increase in fees is not affordable,” explained chef of the restaurant.

Expensive even for expats. Briton Martin Cooke for 20 years in China, here he has his own furniture factory. His legs sofas China-us friction is also a signature. “People who are employed in the industry in Britain, and especially Germany, depend on China, which buys there equipment for the production of their products which it then exports to USA, and if USA will not buy these products because of duties, work is neither in England nor in Germany, nor in France,” said Martin Cooke.

In Huawei admitted that the growth of sales of mobile electronics, of course, declined, but the company is still in positive territory. Here and figures from the national Bureau of statistics 5.5 percent increase in investment in high-tech sector. With this in mind, the employees of the Corporation and go in the afternoon to play ping-pong.

Having started trading-technological ping-pong, trump did not consider the main: in this game the Chinese are traditionally stronger. Just last year, Huawei has patented nearly 5.5 thousand developments is the move towards the creation of the “iron army”.

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