The US President Donald trump made a mistake: the proviso, he called Vladimir Zelensky, the President of Russia. The press service of the White house have not noticed the bug and published a transcript of the speech of the American leader without patches.

Another clause trump did when he explained to reporters the situation around the publication of transcripts of his telephone conversation with Zelensky. In that conversation they talked about the possibility to start an investigation in the Ukraine against the former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son hunter.

Because Biden is the main competitor of trump in next year’s election, Democrats accused the current occupant of the White house in an attempt to discredit political opponents and began impeachment proceedings. The U.S. President, denying that he had any pressure on Zelensky, confused, leader of what country he is.

It is noteworthy that clause in the speech trump is not uncommon. So, he called his own Minister of defense Mark Esper “Esperanto”, and Apple CEO Tim Applem, called to fight “cocoa” instead of cocaine. There were more significant errors. in July 2019 the US President said that American troops seized the airports during the war for independence.

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