The US President Donald trump once again ignored the difference between England, Britain and the United Kingdom, reported IA “NSN”.

At a joint press conference with President of France Emmanuel Macron in the framework of the G7 trump, talking about the Union with the UK after Brexit, wondered how there England. The White house noted that he had asked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: “Where is England? What happens to England?”. Earlier, the us leader confused England with the UK during a speech in Pennsylvania in August 2018.

And in early August of this year, speaking to supporters in Cincinnati Republicans, trump said that the Soviet Union ceased to exist because of renaming in Russia.

In trump’s political career, there were other embarrassments. So, speaking at the UN General Assembly before the leaders of African countries in 2017, the US President has mentioned a non-existent country Nambia. It is assumed that the head of the White house was referring to Namibia or Gambia. The error policy is ridiculed in social networks: some users jokingly said that Nambia is “right next to Zamunda”.

In addition, at the meeting at the White house March 7, 2019 American leader, noting the contribution of Apple in the US economy, appealed to the head of the company Tim cook said: “We very much appreciate it, Tim Apple”. The word “Apple” sounded like a name. Later, trump explained that the reservation he made deliberately to reduce the time in conversation. The U.S. President once again accused the media of attacking itself, and attempts to create fake news.

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