Next year, TSMC plans to start production of chips for 5-nm process. The first 5-nm chip, most likely Snapdragon 875, which will be released in 2021. It is possible that Apple A14 would also be developed PR 5-nm process.

3-nm process technology

However the manufacturers will not stop. TSMC and Samsung are already planning to start production of processors for 3-nm technology. According to ITHome, the Taiwanese company has already started the construction of production facilities and the production of 3-nm chips will start in 2023. Object TSMC will cover more than 74 acres of land in the science and technology Park in southern Taiwan. The construction of the facility reportedly will take of 19.5 billion dollars.

Samsung plans to start production of 3-nm chips for 2021-2022 years, using its own architecture of the next generation of GAA (Gate all-round). However, the number of transistors contained in the chip South Korean and Taiwanese manufacturers will vary. In TSMC will be more.

Recently, Intel announced plans to regain the lead in the production of processors, although it only began producing 10-nm mobile processors Ice Lake-U.

Why reduce the process?

Despite the fact that Snapdragon 855, Apple A13 Bionic and Huawei Kirin 990 developed by three different manufacturers, made all three of chipset, the Taiwanese company TSMC. All three processors produced on a 7-nm process technology. This number indicates the number of transistors placed in an integrated circuit.

The smaller the process, the greater the number of transistors placed inside the chip. And the more transistors inside the chip is more powerful and more energy-efficient. For example, Kirin 990, with built in 5G modem that has more than 10.3 billion transistors.

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