Turkish high school student Jung yılmaz (Yılmaz Can) have identified three vulnerabilities to Apple, according to the Milliyet newspaper 30 may 2019.

High school student 18-year-old Gian yılmaz twice previously collaborated with global giant Apple. This year the student found in the new system software vulnerability and figure out how to fix it.

Apple has released a set of updates to three of its current products, correcting vulnerability found by Jan. The company thanked the student, who was previously mentioned in the lists of awards and honors of the company.

For the first time, Jan discovered the vulnerability 2 years ago, at the age of 16. Finding dangerous bugs in Safari that is installed in the Apple Watch, the student helped to eliminate them. Thanks to him, released two critical updates for operating systems watchOS and iOS.

“It’s very important to be added to the lists of votes of such a technological giant. Security vulnerabilities can sometimes be used against companies, and I’m very glad I could help. But in my life, little has changed. I’m still a student, planning to go to University. Of course, with the career choice I have already decided,” — said Jan Yilmaz.

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