Non-standard response.

In the summer of 2018, the US President Donald trump has imposed new sanctions against Turkey, and also raised duties on all products of Turkish manufacturers. In response, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged citizens to begin to boycott American technology, especially the iPhone. Many Turks supported Erdogan, but went even further and began to destroy their iPhones in protest.

On YouTube there are more videos, which the Turks demonstratively destroy the iPhone and other equipment from American manufacturers. In the case allowed a variety of tools, from forging hammers, to weapons. Thus, the Turks Express their protest against the U.S. sanctions.

Original answer Erdogan on the US actions and support leading Turkish retailers who dealt the most serious blow to Apple and other American companies. Large stores boycotted the iPhone and other devices from USA, completely ceasing to sell them in the country.

Official Apple representatives had no immediate comment on the situation. Note that Apple in Turkey there is a branded store which is recognized as one of the most beautiful among those that are located in shopping centers.



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