Every year in Las Vegas is traditionally held the largest exhibition of consumer electronics CES — Consumer Electronics Show. This is where all the brightest representatives of the industry — the exhibition is visited annually by an average of 175 thousand technocrats from all over the world. Mastodons business (with the exception of wishing to stay in Cupertino Apple) and still green, but promising start-UPS present their projects. “Sobakawa” I selected the gadgets and accessories that will conquer the hearts and minds of users — record.
The robot dog from Sony (and this is very cute!)

For those who want “to live my life like this, without a dog.”

Sony has updated the cute electronic dog Aibo planet. The new model ERS-1000 became more rounded in shape, and look and Aibo is alive and fascinating with two OLED displays. A puppy able to distinguish in a crowd of strangers to his master, to listen carefully to it and execute commands. The company representatives claim that the robot is able to form an emotional bond with all members of the family in which he lives.

The body of the Aibo uses many ultra-compact actuators, allowing his body parts move around the axis 22. Despite all technical stuffing, charging only enough for a couple of hours. When the robot is “tired”, that will go on the dock “NAP” for three hours (but alive!). The dog is able to adapt to people, to explore the environment, find the things that make her happy, to learn commands and develop. Management of pet is carried out using voice commands, but is also supported through a special application it is possible to see the world through his eyes Aibo or download new skills. The only downside is its price, which starts from $ 1700. But, as the Kid in the cartoon about Carlson: “If I really stand a hundred thousand million, can’t I just have a little bit of cash… So I could buy a little puppy?”
TV-roll out LG
For those who love movies, but doesn’t want to turn the living room into a home theater.

LG found the solution for all, who prefer to watch movies at home. Based on the opinion of users, the company introduced a TV that will not become a thorn in minimalist interior room: stylish box-column is easily converted into a wide-screen TV. A year ago, at CES in 2018, LG Display has unveiled a prototype roll TV that can be hidden in a base station. LG Electronics brought new life and has equipped its 100-watt speaker Dolby Atmos (Yes, just like in the cinema!).

About fans have not forgotten and implemented in the advanced TV dual intellect. Line Mode puts the display at one-fourth height and turns it into a storehouse of musical content, which can be controlled using Google’s Assistant or Apple’s AirPlay 2. Another feature of the regime — coordination of smart appliances and the possibility of imitation of the sounds of the fireplace or rain. Consumers will be able to get a new Signature OLED TV R in the spring of 2019, the minimum price so far — 8 thousand dollars.
Smart bra from Soma

For those who are tired for hours to choose the suitable size.

Soma company specializing in the manufacture of women’s underwear and clothing for home presented Somainnofit smart bra that can detect breast size. Unusual linen sends information about its owner to the application with maximum precision gives the size of the bust and offers a suitable range of underwear brand.

The idea to create a bra consultant came for a reason — the company believes that at least 75% of women wear the wrong bra size for them. The creators claim that smart Somainnofit will not be shopping at once — you can use it in case of any changes in the weight or the figure of a woman, and technological innovation will continue to suggest the right size. The battery has a capacity of 200 measurements without a possibility of recharging. At the start of sales in the online shop Soma new sold out in one day — is not a reason to put it in your cart. It can be purchased for $ 60.
Mobile projector from Sony

For those who want to show funny cat pictures large company.

Projector Sony MP-CD1 in the aluminum case has dimensions of 8 x 14 x 1.6 cm and weighs only 280 grams and the supplied gadget stand secures it in preferences — displays the image on the wall or ceiling above the bed. Noise also will not be built into the housing of the cooler is securely removes heat and allows you to heat up in the process. MP-CD1 shows an image diagonal of 3 meters at the distance of just 3.5, as well as real-time improves the brightness and saturation of pictures. But if the surface is tilted, it automatically corrects the aspect ratio and always gives a proportional option. On heating of the bulb will take only 5 seconds, and as a bonus, the projector can be used as power bank. On sale this multi-functional gadget will arrive this spring at a starting price of $ 400.
Home brewery from LG
For those who are versed in the varieties of crafting, without removing the pajamas.

New from LG, has shaken the minds of the fans of cool and craft — brewing apparatus HomeBrew. Works the same as any capsule coffee maker. For a beverage manufacturer needed a special case with the ingredients (brewer’s yeast, essential oil of hops and different flavors — it can be found from third-party companies such as British Muntons, which produces raw materials for the brewing industry since 1921) and water, is responsible for everything else smart machine running on the algorithm of fermentation, the writing of which lasted for more than three years. The novelty is able to brew an American IPA, pale ale, APA, English stout, Belgian witbier and Czech Pilsner. Production time depends on the varieties of the drink, but generally takes no more than two weeks.

The process can be monitored through a special application and this is perhaps all that is needed from the user. HomeBrew automatically monitors the fermentation, protects the beverage from contamination by wild yeast, and after completion of the program self-cleaned with hot water and completely sterilized and ready for use again. Now the company does not disclose cost information in-house brewery and its market launch.
Headphones translators from Timekettle (with support Russian language!)

For those for free communication.

Chinese startup Timekettle showed a gadget that will definitely leave a misunderstanding between the interlocutors in the distant past. Wireless headphones WT2 Plus transferred in real-time with 21 language, recognize different English accents and, more importantly, translate Russian speech.

The device works in conjunction with a smartphone. The headset handles the recorded segment of direct speech is no longer than 15 seconds, and 5 seconds puts it into the desired language. Use is possible only in pairs — each participant of the dialogue sticks in the ear of the interpreter, sets up the app on your phone and only then the translation. The creators are planning eventually to add another 15 languages. Headphones work without recharging 5 hours, and paired with a magnetic cover — up to 12. On the official website of the new translator is available for $ 219.
The airbag, which is fastened on the man, Helite

For introverts and not only.

The French Helite for many years engaged in the creation of the airbag local orientation — they already have the design for the pilots of small planes, motorcyclists and horse riders. This year at CES, the inventors have provided a safety cushion for people on atypical transport. It works as installed in cars, but aimed at the salvation of a single person in any situation — whether it be a fall from a horse or bike.

Hip’ Air is the belt weighing about a kilogram, which is secured around the person’s body and instantly responds to the fall, puffing. On average even the most rapid fall lasts about 400 milliseconds — Hip’ Air defines it for 200 thanks to high-precision gyroscopes and accelerometers and deployed cushion for an additional 80. The makers claim — that is enough in order to avoid serious injuries of the pelvis and spine. In Europe, this security system will be available in March, it will be asked to 790 dollars. Just fold the pillow when “use” will not work — reloading the device worth the extra 50. We took a look at the new product — winter in St. Petersburg was really traumatic.
Capa toothbrush from FasTeesH

To simplify your morning rituals.

The French FasTeesH released brush Y Brush, which is able to make a “spring cleaning” for 10 seconds. Y-Brush is a combination of mouth tray for teeth and electric brush. Cleaning such a simple device occurs according to the method of bass: each tooth is divided into three surfaces and cleaned in turn ultrasonic vibrations — which is not true of the usual electric toothbrush that works through vibrations of the ordinary. The creators took care of the holders of each category of teeth and implemented in gadget three degrees of work — weak, normal and strong, so that the procedure promises to be as comfortable as possible.

To develop unusual brush took three years. Despite the rejection of the novelties in the professional community of dentists, specialists FasTeesH in its technology are sure and even conducted clinical trials — it turned out that Y-Brush remove 15% more plaque than a regular brush. It is worth noting that the idea became a reality thanks to potential users of funds for the implementation were collected via the crowdfunding platform and for the year the amount was 6.5 times greater than declared. The novelty will appear on sale on the official website of the company in April of this year for 109 euros. Experts will advise the buyer before payment of your order and will offer one of four options for the size of nozzle: baby, two adults, or one in between.
Flexible smartphone from Royole

For those who don’t want to choose between a smartphone and a tablet.

Last year, Samsung introduced the first foldable (not to be confused with cots) smartphone that flick of the wrist turns into a full-fledged tablet computer. CES-2019 little-known company Royole walked mastodons business speed and demonstrated fully functioning FlexPai with a flexible, folding in half screen. The gadget is equipped with a 7.8-inch display, runs on Snapdragon 855 and is available in two versions with 6 and 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of memory. The smartphone is equipped with dual camera 16 and 20 megapixel.

Performance design provides durable AMOLED display of up to 200,000 of flexion, and sustainable battery that helps in this process. Of the shortcomings — the lack of locking mechanism on the screen when the gadget is in “full” state. As long as the head Royole promises to fix bugs and “improve the software”, I suggest you look — this gadget could become a rival to the sharks of the industry.
Robotic bakery Baking from Wilkinson

Breakfast, which can not worry.

The Wilkinson Baking company has created a fully robotic mini-bakery Breadbot that every 6 minutes in the absence of control by its owner throws on a fresh loaf of bread. Its maximum efficiency — 235 loaves a day, and it is possible that such a novelty in the near future will press the manual labor and will be the main drummer for the production. In Wilkinson Baking and think the bakery at grocery stores, which, thanks to it, you can always buy truly fresh pastries.

Based Breadbot decompression and a mini-stove, which pumps the required temperature to make the dough and the yeast come up. The user can set options for baking any type of bread from the classic baguette to whole grain. For everything else the machine will take itself kneading the dough, let him walk, I will divide it into pieces, put into molds and bake. With such novelty it is possible to relax and not worry about the markings — special touch-screen display will tell you when it was cooked or that the loaf will indicate its composition and the exact cooking time.
Text: Darya Gladkikh

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