The richest people on earth lost per day, us $ 117 billion after a tweet by Donald trump on the introduction of fees in the amount of 10% on imported Chinese goods worth $ 300 billion.

Stock markets reacted to the tweet the American President the biggest drop in a year. State 500 of the richest business people in the world collectively fell to 117 billion dollars. And then there are the owners of assets that are not included in the global top 500, respectively, the damage to States all over the world at the peak of the fall of the stock market amounted to 500 billion dollars.

Most of the state lost the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos. 3.4 billion cost him the fall of stock quotes of Amazon.

Shares of Apple after the tweet trump has lost in value of 4.3%. The price of oil fell by 6%.

Tweets trump has caused financial rally in global stock markets. So in may 2017 richest people in the world have lost $ 35 billion after trump’s decision to fire the head of the FBI.

In February 2019, after the following tweet of oil has fallen in price on 4%. And in may the Chinese stock market lost per day, 5.6% of the capitalization after the publication of Donald trump about the threat to tax Chinese goods duties.

However, many experts notice that all these fluctuations of the States top billionaires no more than a minor correction. For example, since the beginning of the year total States of the 500 richest people in the world increased by 11% and reached 5.4 trillion dollars.

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