Twitter started to block users who are trying to change the name of the profile on Elon Musk. So the social network is opposed to the hands of criminals, reports The Verge.

Some subscribers of the microblogging service with unverified and not tied to the phone account trying to make money on behalf of the head of Tesla and Space X. the Scammers asked users of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, offering double the quantity.

Of course, they did not multiply, and the Scam became so popular that Twitter management had to intervene. The real Elon Musk also responded to the situation – he expressed a desire to know the authors of the scheme and commended them for their resourcefulness.

I want to know who is running the Etherium scambots! Mad skillz …

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 8, 2018.

The lock is nearly instantaneous thanks to the new algorithm Twitter. But users with a confirmed account can still put the name of Elon Musk without any obstacles.

This scheme is not new – earlier it cranked in Telegram messenger. In the period of unstable operation of the service, the fraudsters were represented by Pavel Durov, and also offered to send them the Ethereum. Thus attackers have earned about 60 thousand dollars.

Earlier, the management of Twitter announced that from April through June 2018 removed over 143 000 applications policy violated the microblogging service. Also, now to access the Twitter API will become more difficult.


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